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Build a Better Inclusive Hiring Process


Our experts have the skills, tools, and analytical know-how to help you develop a compliant applicant tracking process, and support your inclusive outreach efforts. 


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Applicant Management Solutions

Inclusive recruitment and compliant hiring is a business imperative in today’s corporate climate. Our consultants can review your current process for tracking applicants, and provide guidance on developing procedures that are compliant, and help to support inclusive hiring efforts


Berkshire’s Applicant Management solutions are ideal for companies without a standardized or automated process, or for those striving for compliance with regulatory requirements. Our experts assist you with creating an effective framework that follows regulatory requirements, while meeting your unique business and staffing objectives. Pair our applicant management consulting services, with our balanceTRAK applicant tracking system to help keep your process running smoothly and efficiently. Both software and services can be used to ensure adherence to EEOC and OFCCP recruitment-related guidelines. 

Applicant Tracking Process

Tracking the best candidates can be a difficult task...


Balancetrak applicant tracking

Berkshire works with you to design a practical and feasible process for collecting and retaining required applicant data; and to manage the flow of interest using our balanceTRAK applicant tracking system. Our experts guide you through what data to collect, and when and how to gather the information at each step of the recruitment process. Additionally, we provide guidance to federal contractors on required elements for OFCCP compliance.

Let our experts organize and standardize your applicant tracking processes, eliminating confusion and saving you time, money, and reducing liability.  


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Compliance Assessment

Performing a compliance assessment is an essential practice and should be part of any recruitment process. Whether an assessment is conducted annually or some other suitable interval, it delivers incredible value by uncovering and addressing vulnerable areas before audits or other problems occur.  

Compliance Assessment    

Berkshire will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s current applicant tracking and recordkeeping processes to evaluate compliance with OFCCP collection and retention requirements for applicant data. Berkshire will provide recommendations for areas of improvement and will assist you in prioritizing action items. You will have the benefit of proactively uncovering areas vulnerable to violations, and taking steps to fortify areas at risk.


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BalanceTRAK Talent Acquisition System

 helps HR Professionals standardize their processes for hiring talent, eliminating confusion and redundancies. Using balanceTRAK, HR Professionals provide a foundation for consistent talent acquisition practices. You control what happens after a new requisition is initiated or when an application is submitted, simply by using the easy workflow settings in balanceTRAK. Your processes remain consistent for all parties involved in your process, regardless of location or level. BalanceTRAK Talent Acquisition System was built on feedback from HR professionals, making it the smart choice for a job as important as finding the right candidate.   

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This is the balanceTRAK Talent Acquisition Experience:

  • Unlimited users
  • Streamline your processes
  • Find the right candidates
  • Receive résumés electronically
  • Work with users from any location
  • Comply with AA/EEO applicant regulations
  • Simultaneously distribute listings to popular job boards
  • Set workflow based on roles and responsibilities
  • Easily download data such as job codes or disposition codes

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