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software_sc_aap.pngWe understand the complexity of today’s compliance environment, and we want our clients to have the power to manage, control, and assess the state of their affirmative action efforts. Using BALANCEhub, our clients can view plan results in a number of interactive charts and graphs, evaluate program performance, securely publish reports and plans to the web, and document Good Faith Efforts (GFEs).

BALANCEhub also provides a unique platform from which to gain insight on an organization’s workforce. Data can be accessed at a high level, or at a more granular level to identify problem areas. At the core, BALANCEhub enables companies to centralize their affirmative action compliance information, making it manageable, organized, and accessible in case of an OFCCP audit. BALANCEhub includes three modules: DASH, SHARE, and REACH. Together, these applications give you access to important data about your workforce, and help you gain greater insight for decision making. Berkshire’s BALANCEaap and Affirmative Action Outsourcing clients receive complimentary access to BALANCEhub. This means you can store affirmative action information, run reports, share plans, and record your good faith efforts as needed at no additional cost.


  • hub_dashboard.jpg
    DASH - Dashboard of Affirmative Action Information
  • DASH_Summary_Map.jpg
    DASH - Summary Map
  • DASH_Summary.jpg
    DASH - Plan Summary
  • SHARE_Plans_List2.jpg
    SHARE - Affirmative Action Plan Distribution
  • Share-email-users.jpg
    SHARE - Distribute Affirmative Action Plans  by Email
  • ReachSources.jpg
    REACH - Add Good Faith Effort Sources
  • REACH_Activities_List.jpg
    REACH - Good Faith Efforts Activities List 
  • bhub-REACHEvals.png
    REACH - Rate Good Faith Effort Sources

DASH – Executive Dashboard


Users get a bird’s eye view of trends, risk areas, and protected group representation at various levels.

hub_dashboard.jpgDASH, the Executive Dashboard feature in BALANCEhub provides a high level overview of AAP results from BALANCEaap. DASH vividly displays plan information using a variety of easy-to-read graphs and metrics. BALANCEaap users get a bird’s eye view of trends, risk areas, and protected group representation at various levels. Users can benefit from the easy assessment of plan performance, faster decision-making, and drill down capability for further examination when necessary.

DASH also provides customized views for management and staff that only need to see their part of the picture. Users control how they wish to see their data, and view, print, or export reports as needed.


BALANCEhub’s DASH gives users the ability to:

  • View AAP data in a number of customizable exhibits—showing results in a variety of metrics, graphics, filters, and reports
  • Examine a high-level visual summary of your organization’s AAP results including placement goals, goal attainment, compensation, and adverse impact
  • Easily interpret plan results using at-a-glance color coding schemes that highlight performance
  • Quickly hone in on both problem and success areas
  • Assess where the business focus should be to improve results, reduce potential liability, and reward accomplishments
  • Use the Map feature to geographically identify problem areas and even highlight the OFCCP region covered by each of your plans


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SHARE – Reports Distribution


SHARE gives you the convenience of creating a secure, centralized AAP infocenter to share information.

SHARE_Email_Users-2.jpgSHARE, the Reports Distribution System included within BALANCEhub is a centralized, web-based repository where plans and reports can be viewed and exported. Preparing an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) can result in creating numerous reports, even for a single plan, and if you are a larger organization that number can easily increase to hundreds of reports.

SHARE gives you the convenience of creating a secure, centralized AAP infocenter to share plan information. You can easily publish reports and plans to the web, and give access to individuals as needed. SHARE is an environment-friendly option that saves time, paper, and staff resources by eliminating the need for printing and mailing.

  • Publish and share your plans on the web with unlimited users
  • Impress your management with easy to use, built-in, and exportable colorful graphs
  • Publish Minorities and Females, and Disabled and Veterans narratives with embedded reports in PDF format
  • Upload documents to share across the organization or at plan level  


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REACH – Good Faith Efforts Tracker

The most impressive feature by far, and currently unique to REACH, is its automatic AAP “link” feature. 

bhub-REACHEvals.pngTrack your GFEs in accordance with affirmative action regulations using REACH. Document your recruitment and outreach activities, and also store listing sources that target specific groups. As your HR recruiters or staff members conduct outreach efforts, they can track and document activity in one central database. When it comes time to do your AAP, the activities and sources tracked in REACH can then be pulled into the appropriate AAP in BALANCEaap, Berkshire’s affirmative action software. If you are an outsourcing client, Berkshire can also provide you with services to incorporate your GFEs into your plan.

Link Efforts to an Affirmative Action Plan

The most impressive feature by far, and currently unique to REACH, is its automatic AAP “link” feature. REACH can automatically link activities to a plan and merge a company’s GFEs into the plan’s narrative. This feature could prove to be a major convenience to federal contractors.


Supports AAP Placement Goals 

You can collect and store hiring data, as well as, detailed information on recruiting sources to suppot your organization’s placement goals.

With REACH, you can:

  • Ensure GFEs are accounted for within your organization’s AAP
  • Build a bridge between your organization’s recruiting structure and AAP requirements
  • Evaluate recruiting sources for effectiveness, especially with regards to regulations for Individuals with Disabilities (IWDs) and Protected Veterans (PV)
  • Use REACH reporting to communicate GFEs with internal audiences
  • Use objective information to target your organization’s efforts on the most effective recruiting methods and outreach sources
  • Reduce legwork at AAP preparation time, because information and documentation are already collected in one place

Compliance Support

REACH helps your company organize and document your good faith effort activities. 

Data Collection:

  • Enter recruiting events, bring in job posting information, and retain posting documentation
  • Organize recruiting sources into a database that users may share
  • Enter costs and attach documents that support GFEs
  • Push corporate recruiting efforts down to local recruiters
  • Distinguish between headquarters and local recruiting efforts; track geographic coverage of outreach sources
  • Tie recruiting efforts to one plan or organize efforts across multiple plans
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