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Good Faith Efforts Tracker

The most impressive feature by far, and currently unique to balanceREACH, is its automatic AAP “link” feature. 

BalanceREACH-LogoNo-SpaceTrack your GFEs in accordance with affirmative action regulations using REACH. Document your recruitment and outreach activities, and also store listing sources that target specific groups. As your HR recruiters or staff members conduct outreach efforts, they can track and document activity in one central database. When it comes time to do your AAP, the activities and sources tracked in REACH can then be pulled into the appropriate AAP in balanceAAP, Berkshire’s affirmative action software. If you are an outsourcing client, Berkshire can also provide you with services to incorporate your GFEs into your plan.

Link Efforts to an Affirmative Action Plan

The most impressive feature by far, and currently unique to REACH, is its automatic AAP “link” feature. REACH can automatically link activities to a plan and merge a company’s GFEs into the plan’s narrative. This feature could prove to be a major convenience to federal contractors.


Supports AAP Placement Goals 

You can collect and store hiring data, as well as, detailed information on recruiting sources to suppot your organization’s placement goals.

With REACH, you can:

  • Ensure GFEs are accounted for within your organization’s AAP
  • Build a bridge between your organization’s recruiting structure and AAP requirements
  • Evaluate recruiting sources for effectiveness, especially with regards to regulations for Individuals with Disabilities (IWDs) and Protected Veterans (PV)
  • Use REACH reporting to communicate GFEs with internal audiences
  • Use objective information to target your organization’s efforts on the most effective recruiting methods and outreach sources
  • Reduce legwork at AAP preparation time, because information and documentation are already collected in one place

Compliance Support

REACH helps your company organize and document your good faith effort activities. 

Data Collection:

  • Enter recruiting events, bring in job posting information, and retain posting documentation
  • Organize recruiting sources into a database that users may share
  • Enter costs and attach documents that support GFEs
  • Push corporate recruiting efforts down to local recruiters
  • Distinguish between headquarters and local recruiting efforts; track geographic coverage of outreach sources
  • Tie recruiting efforts to one plan or organize efforts across multiple plans
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