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Simple. Powerful. Adaptable.

full-stack_with-mark_smallSimple, powerful, and adaptable are critical attributes when selecting the right talent acquisition system. In fact, simple is king when it comes to technology. BalanceTRAK is designed with the right balance of feature-rich functionality and simplicity. It’s dynamic environment gives HR and Talent Professionals the power to effectively handle job requisitions. Whether you have one job opening or thousands, balanceTRAK provides the tools to help you streamline and manage every phase of the hiring cycle.

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Bring Order to Your End-to-End Hiring Process

Manage Requisitions

With balanceTRAK, you can easily keep track of your job openings with auto-generated requisition numbers. Manage the approval process, and even keep track of job seeker activities with the convenient at-a-glance dashboard. Run reports to monitor progress, optimize your sourcing efforts, or assess return on investment. BalanceTRAK enables the HR professional to keep their recruitment campaigns running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Enter new requisitions for approval and initiate the hiring
  • Copy previously used requisitions
  • Request authorization for an approved candidate 
  • Initiate approvals directly from email
  • Create and send offer letter
  • Fields in the education, employment, and reference sections can be marked as required
  • Prioritize views of requisition information by what’s most important
  • BalanceTRAK offers both standard and custom requisition fields

Automate Workflows

BalanceTRAK organizes your workflow at every phase of the hiring process. The applicant management process can easily become confusing and disorganized, usually as a result of inconsistent practices. BalanceTRAK allows you to create a step-by-step workflow which acts as a guide for all parties involved in the recruitment process. Using these workflow settings, along with the other automated features, create a better and more organized process.
  • Configure your own workflow settings—choose the approvals, reviews, and other steps in your process
  • Set role-based approvals by level of responsibility
  • Reduce time by importing user access information 
  • Assign activities to dynamically change to the next step to complete 
  • Automatically post new positions to your career page as job requisitions are created


Job Posting and Career Page

You don’t have to be a worldwide mega-corporation to have a professional and attractive career page. With balanceTRAK you’ll have a career page that leaves a positive and lasting impression on potential candidates. The better the job seeker’s experience, the more likely it is you will attract the right talent. Make the right, positive first impression by using balanceTRAK to create your own branded career page.
  • Customize your career page to your company’s look and feel
  • Create content that shapes your image for potential applicants
  • Seamlessly push your job openings to popular job boards like Careerbuilder and Indeed
  • You can post jobs to boards that meet federal and state job posting requirements with balanceTRAK
  • BalanceTRAK also provides an RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) for all jobs listed on your company’s Jobs Posting Page. Job seekers can subscribe to this feed to immediately see positions available at your organization.

Job Seeker Experience

Berkshire understands the importance of a stellar user experience. BalanceTRAK was designed to ensure a positive experience by both the user and the job seeker. Potential applicants tend to abandon the application process when the system they are using is unattractive, outdated, or hard to use. Ultimately resulting in companies losing desired talent. From the career page to the application, balanceTRAK has several applicant-facing tools that make it easy for the user to complete your application.







Precision Hiring

HR Professionals are charged with finding the right person for the job. In successful organizations, that entails finding the right set of skills, traits, and compatibility to match with your corporate culture. BalanceTRAK screening and scoring features allow users to “measure” candidates who are likely a good match. Plus, you can easily eliminate unqualified job seekers and focus on applicants who meet your minimum qualifications.









BalanceTRAK helps you to remain compliant with Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs’ (OFCCP) applicant requirements. If you are a covered federal contractor, you may have to collect self-identification data and meet certain recordkeeping guidelines.


BalanceTRAK assists you with the following:

  • Collection of AA/EEO applicant data with self-ID form
  • The structure to help you manage your definition of an applicant
  • Document disposition of job seeker for later analyses
  • Export applicant data from balanceTRAK to balanceAAP to prepare your affirmative action plan
  • Generate reports to get status updates, manage AA/EEO placement goals, and monitor selection decisions
  • Evaluate progess towards achieving your hiring objectives


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Explore balanceTRAK Add-ons

BalanceTRAK integrates with add-on hiring applications to conveniently give you access to other recruitment tools. Some of these services require your permission to “turn on” to take advantage of them. 



Job Posting

When you’re ready to post your jobs, give them a boost! Hit ZipRecruiter’s Boost* button to rocket your job postings to the top spot. Use this service when you want your job opening to get noticed. 

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Job Posting

Users can seamlessly post jobs to the largest job board site in the world. With over 50 million unique visitors and one billion job searches per month, users can increase the likelihood of attracting the right candidate.

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Additional Commerical Job Boards

Job Posting

Integrated with CareerBuilder, Monster, Dice, and Local Jobs Network, balanceTRAK  provides powerful job posting capabilities.


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EMPTrust provides onboarding and offboarding tools for workforce management to maximize employee efficiency and business processes. EMPTrust’s secure solutions help companies comply with Labor, Immigration, Export Controls, and EVerify requirements
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college recruiter

Specialized Job Posting

College Recruiter is the leading niche job board used by recent grads and currently enrolled students of one-, two-, and four-year colleges and universities and graduate schools to find entry-level jobs and internships.
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direct employers

Specialized Job Posting

DirectEmployers is a consortium of professionals who share in a mission of OFCCP compliance and advancing online recruitment initiatives. Through this membership, employers have access to a experts, technology, and resources.
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Background Screening

Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc. provides businesses the information they need to make the best hiring decisions. They offer employment, criminal, and reference checks. 


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