OFCCP Posts Video Encouraging Self-Identification of Disability

Posted by Berkshire Associates on October 14 2015

Source: Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)

In conjunction with the Department of Labor’s celebration of National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) has posted a short video entitled Disability Inclusion Starts With You. This public service announcement-style video encourages applicants and employees with disabilities to voluntarily self-identify by explaining the key role that self-identification plays in measuring contractors’ progress toward achieving equal employment opportunity for people with disabilities. The video also explains the Section 503 requirement that contractors invite voluntary self-identification from their applicants and employees, and the strictly confidential nature of any disability information provided.      

How Do Videos Benefit Your Recruitment Process?

Posted by Berkshire Associates on September 4 2015

Videos can help organizations improve several facets of their recruiting aspects.

There are many ways employers can improve their job postings web page, but HR professionals agree: recruitment videos are a must. But videos don’t just optimize a job posting, they can also be an impactful part of the interview process itself. For any organization looking to attract more applicants and higher-caliber candidates, videos play an integral role.

How to Optimize Your Job Postings Webpage

Posted by Berkshire Associates on August 24 2015

To hire the best candidates, you first need to draw them to your website—and keep them there.

Drawing attention to your job postings requires the right kind of advertisement. There are a few ways to go about that advertising, but let’s be clear—it’s necessary if you hope to draw talented candidates to your organization. One way or another, during the recruitment process, you need your job postings to reach the right audience. Much of advertisement is about bringing that news to potential applicants, but you can also accomplish that task by drawing them to you.

An optimized job postings website will attract the top talent, but you have to keep them interested. A jobs page that’s lacking compelling content doesn’t encourage prospective employees to apply. Therefore, advertising your job page is a two-step process: Bring the best candidates to your page and then wow them with what’s there.