Nine Tips to Increase Diversity in Recruitment

Many HR and compliance professionals face the same question every year, “What is the best way to inc...

Posted by Berkshire on May 23 2014

Many HR and compliance professionals face the same question every year, “What is the best way to increase our diversity recruitment efforts?” There are many action steps you can put in place now to make sure you are not behind the eight ball when it comes to finding a diverse candidate pool. Here are some tips to hit the ground running:

  1. Continually recruit—keep an eye out for talent when you are engaging in  daily business so you can reach out to these individuals when a position becomes available. They may not be looking at the time, but they may be willing to reach out to their contacts.

  2. Ensure your search committee is diverse and understands your diversity efforts.

  3. Create relationships with diversity sources, and give them a preview of your company’s culture, goals, and positions.

  4. Evaluate your mentorship opportunities and ensure they are being communicated to the whole company. Do away with a culture of handpicking employees for opportunities.

  5. Create a flexible environment to attract females to your company.

  6. Do not make assumptions that a person may not want to do a particular job based on their race or gender.

  7. Individuals on the recruitment team need to examine whether their judgments are being affected by subjective factors, stereotypes, or other assumptions.

  8. Don’t measure everyone by the same standard—people who have left the workforce for a period of time, worked part-time, or may have different backgrounds can bring a lot to the table and offer different perspectives.

  9. Challenge your organization to recognize that the more diversity within your company will increase the likelihood you will look at things from different perspectives.

It’s imortant to encourage your organization to consider items such as these before they open positions. This will put your company on the fast track to increasing its diversity efforts.

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