Case Study: 84 Lumber Conquers Recruitment Challenges with BALANCEtrak

Introduction 84 Lumber Company is the nation’s leading privately held supplier of building materials...

Posted by Berkshire on August 11 2016


84 Lumber Company is the nation’s leading privately held supplier of building materials, manufactured components, Home_Depot_Case_study.jpgand industry leading services for single and multi-family residences and commercial buildings. Founded in 1956, 84 Lumber operates more than 250 stores, component manufacturing plants, custom door shops, custom millwork shops, and engineered wood products (EWP) centers in 30 states—representing the top 130 markets in the country. 84 Lumber chose BALANCEtrak applicant trac

king system to address the need for speed, efficiency, and the management of high volume recruitment. With plans to open over a dozen more locations, BALANCEtrak solved issues related to streamlining processes, quickly identifying qualified candidates, recordkeeping, and automating workflow.

84 Lumber’s Recruitment Challenges: The Search for Something Better  

In today’s hiring world, speed and efficiency are key factors. These often impact getting the right talent for the job, and how quickly. Using outdated applicant management processes not only allows ideal talent to slip through the cracks, but takes up substantial time and resources. This was the case for 84 Lumber. Their existing process had become outdated, and no longer met the standards necessary for today’s hiring environment.  The company’s expansion sparked the need to seek a smarter solution for managing a multi-level hiring process, along with handling high volume hiring. 84 Lumber quickly realized that using fax machines, manually entering more data than necessary, and getting buried in paperwork would hinder their plans to grow.

Eager to optimize their end-to-end hiring process, 84 Lumber began using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The ATS installed did not work as planned. It lacked functionality and didn’t do much but track candidates as they submitted résumés.

84 Lumber realized the ATS needed to work around their process, and not the other way around. With a variety of ATS’ on the market, the company was left to evaluate different systems and rate them based on process efficiency, speed, and the ability to easily identify qualified job seekers. After careful research, 84 Lumber chose BALANCEtrak Applicant Tracking System.

BALANCEtrak Automates the Hiring Process

84 Lumber began the implementation process with BALANCEtrak. This included a dedicated implementation specialist who worked with the staff at 84 Lumber. The specialist learned their needs and tailored BALANCEtrak to meet their desired process. The results were immediate and far-reaching, according to Caris Sibert, a recruiter for 84 Lumber.

“We were really bogged down with paperwork, everything was handwritten,” Sibert said. “That’s what led us to partner with Berkshire Associates.”

BALANCEtrak immediately changed the perspective of the hiring staff. Without needing to manually log every part of the process, recruiters were able to spend more time working with candidates to fill out forms like personality surveys and the I9 and get them returned in a speedy fashion.

“It has made the process so much smoother,” Sibert said. “Our previous applicant tracking system wasn’t fully automated, it just simply tracked candidates.”

Sibert worked with the company as an intern before transitioning to full-time after graduating. Having seen both processes and how 84 Lumber operates within them, she was excited with how easy it was to get used to using the program.

“Everyone has been really receptive of the roll-out,” Sibert said. “We haven’t had BALANCEtrak for a full year yet, but it’s made our process go a lot quicker because we’re not waiting on faxes of background checks.”

New Call-to-action84 Lumber Gains a Competitive Edge

To hire the ideal candidate for an open position, response time gives you a competitive edge. The quicker the response, the better the chances of engaging qualified candidates before a competitor does. Additionally, response time matters to candidates. It demonstrates an employer who respects a candidate’s time and their need for answers. This kind of positive perception is also good for employer image, and boosts the chances of a candidate considering 84 Lumber over a competitor.

BALANCEtrak’s functionality includes prescreening questions, automated workflows, and custom auto-responses. These features help companies manage candidate correspondence, and automate when and how to respond to job seekers based on their qualifications. BALANCEtrak has helped 84 Lumber streamline and prioritize responses keeping them competitive in a fast-moving industry.

“We’ve definitely had a quicker response time. As soon as I talk to candidates I give them a heads up we’re going to correspond by email, and as soon as I send them those documents they can have them done and submit them to me.”

84 Lumber’s current hiring time sits at just 20 days, which is a full 32 days below the industry average, as reported by Deloitte. This allows the company to source top industry talent much faster than its competitors, and it gives its recruiting staff agility to tackle other tasks.

“It’s really shortened the time to hire, which is the next steps we’re taking to improve our process—shortening the time to hire—and I definitely see that [happening] with BALANCEtrak,” Sibert said.


84 Lumber successfully made a quick transition from a manual process, to automating their applicant tracking process, and immediately saw the benefits. Less reliance on outdated methods of recruiting, and the ability to focus on multiple candidates at once, contributed to an incredibly quicker hiring time—which will undoubtedly help prepare them for whatever hiring demands lie ahead.

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BALANCEtrak Applicant Management System

BALANCEtrak is a scalable applicant tracking technology designed to organize hiring activities around getting the hire you desire. Using BALANCEtrak, companies can centralize and bring order to their end-to-end hiring process, while prescreening tools identify ideal, right-fit candidates.

With targeted screening questions, the scoring system identifies qualified candidates quickly while courteously declining others—retaining them for future opportunities, and keeping you in compliance with AA/EEO recordkeeping requirements. BALANCEtrak’s Requisition Management makes requisitions searchable by status, and can be matched to any résumé in the system.

Companies also attract top talent with a winning company career page seamlessly incorporated into your existing website. Making the right first impression is vital to capturing the attention of desirable candidates.

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