Five Advantages of an Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems hold distinct advantages over more traditional means of processing job ap...

Posted by Berkshire on August 19 2015
applicant tracking software
Applicant tracking systems hold distinct advantages over more traditional means of processing job applications.

In this technologically advanced age, there are very few advantages to doing things the old-fashioned way. When there is a system available that can make a process more efficient and accurate, it’s a good idea to put it to use. That isn’t true of all things—there are fields in which the human touch is necessary. Often, a combination of technology and humanity is what proves to be the best option. But in the realm of recruiting, new technology like an applicant tracking system can bring better candidates to the jobs they deserve. Here are five ways this software gets the edge over traditional recruiting:

“An applicant tracking system can bring better candidates to the jobs they deserve.”

1. Push the best candidates through
Ultimately, the application process is a means of weeding out the weaker candidates and finding the best ones. But it has historically been a long, arduous journey, and one that doesn’t always result in the best possible hire. Prescreen questionnaires and basic résumé-reading are simple tasks that become tedious to human eyes. Recruiting software can examine these items and make efficient candidacy decisions without wearing out.

2. Streamline the application process
Not only are the initial rounds of the recruitment process difficult, they also result in stacks of paperwork and long lists of names, addresses, backgrounds checks, and so on. No HR person wants to sift through all that logistical information during the search for the ideal candidate. The best software consolidates all that into a single database, accessible by people with the right credentials.

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3. Interface with online forms
Many job seekers look for positions online or through mobile devices. In fact, as of May 2014, 9 out of 10 job seekers told Glassdoor they expect to use a mobile app during their search sometime in the next 12 months. Applicant tracking tools are digital resources for the increasingly digital world. It wouldn’t make sense maintaining a job postings webpage for the company without the necessary software to collect the applications.

applicant tracking software
Increasingly, the job search happens online.

4. Benefits for the applicants
These tools don’t benefit the employers—they help the candidates, too. As hiring management software improves, it becomes easier for candidates to apply and submit their résumés. If a job seeker fits the criteria, his or her application will make it through, unimpeded by human error and not outdone by candidates who try to unfairly boost their credentials. The process is easier, faster, and more direct. Applicants can track the status of the process and won’t have to wait for months only to find their résumé was not accepted.

5. Provide meaningful data
The recruitment process is not only about finding and hiring applicants. Companies spend significant chunks of time and money on advertising—one firm found the average company spends about $173 per new hire. HR’s goal is to bring that number down, and one way to do so is by optimizing their job advertisement methodology. Applicant tracking systems will do that by providing actionable data on the effectiveness of a job posting, what types of candidates it attracts, and how many of those applicants made it through the initial interviews. With that information in tow, organizations can make better decisions and improve their bottom line.

Once again, none of this is to say software is going to completely replace human experience. It still takes a skilled HR professional to conduct interviews and judge character. But technology can help that person arrive to the end result much faster by taking care of the initial requirements. Through these five advantages, HR teams can make better use of their companies’, their candidates’, and their own time.

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