Five Ways to Optimize Your Job Posting to Get Noticed

In many job markets, competition is fierce—on both sides. Now that the economy has improved dramatic...

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In many job markets, competition is fierce—on both sides. Now that the economy has improved dramatically since the recession of 2007, qualified candidates can be somewhat more discerning about the jobs for which they inquire. That means recruiters and HR departments have their work cut out for them to beat out other companies for the top talent. The best way to do so? Make your job posting as noticeable, searchable, and attractive as possible.

"There are various tactics your organization can implement to promote its job listings."

Fortunately, this is the "Age of the Internet." There are various tactics your organization can implement to promote its job listings. But it doesn't stop with Internet optimization—the message of the posting itself is just as important as the keyword content. With that said, here are the five best ways to get your job posting in front of high-quality candidates:

1. Use SEO to drive online traffic
Search engine optimization (SEO) is a well-known online marketing tool that applies as much to shopping websites as it can to your job posting. The trick is to leverage keywords and analytics, like the insights Google can provide, to bring web traffic to your listing. As many candidates take to the search engines as an early step in the job search—the more visible your posting is, the better your chances of landing a talented applicant.

2. Create a video element
Videos are a great way to boost a page's search engine ranking, according to—reason enough to include one alongside your job listing. But videos are more than a web traffic gimmick—they're also an effective means of communicating your company culture, attitude, and personality to potential recruits. Plus, videos show a commitment to professionalism and a willingness to invest in yourself. Finally, they make it easier to learn about the job than a basic block of text.

"The message of the posting is just as important as the keyword content."

3. Focus on the message itself
Boring job postings will attract boring applicants. If you want your listing to bring in top-tier job-seekers, you must write it carefully, and with a flair for the dramatic. You want to sell the position, and as a result, you want to use persuasive language to indicate just how great the job is. It won't convince someone to apply right off the bat, but it will pique his or her interest. Sometimes all you need is to get a foot in the door—the right wording can do exactly that. For more tips on how to grab the attention of job-seekers, check out "Five Ways to Make Your Recruitment Efforts More Fun Fun!"

4. Remember what the applicant wants
These days, salary is only a part of the equation that entices the top talent. These candidates want more than solid pay—they want flexibility, benefits, culture, and convenient access. They want the option to work from home, in some cases, and the ability to take paid vacations. They want to work somewhere with easy access to the city, or their home, or public transportation. Of course, not all positions will include a benefits package this robust, but you should play up whatever perks you can outside of the bottom line. That includes leveraging your organization's brand to position it as an industry leader.

job postingsOrganizations can leverage their online job postings to attract candidates.

5. Take advantage of existing tracking technology
With the right applicant tracking system and software, you can create a framework to meet regulatory obligations, streamline the recruiting process, and make it easier for candidates to apply for the position online. No applicant wants to jump through hoops just to get a résumé into the system. Similarly, this recruitment software can help you keep tabs on the candidates that show interest in the position and allow you to respond in a timely fashion. The simplicity of the recruitment process also plays a part in whether these candidates ultimately accept the role you have to offer.

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These five tips are tried-and-true ways to set your job posting apart from others. Above all, it's important to remember your organization has something that distinguishes it from the competition—whether it be location, diversity, culture, etc. It's up to you to determine where that advantage lies and play it up in your job posting. The best, most qualified applicants ultimately want to work for the best company. Your job posting is your opportunity to tell them why your organization is the one for them.

It also doesn't hurt to take a look at what your competition is promising to its recruits—that way you can one-up them or take an approach they failed to utilize. Then, once the candidates have shown interest in your position, you can finish the recruiting job with the help of a recruitment tracking system that can organize résumés and applications. With these systems and the aforementioned strategies, it won't be long before the best candidates are flocking to your website and telling their friends to do the same.

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