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The most successful hiring strategies among organizations of today rely on software platforms to com...

Posted by Berkshire on November 16 2015

The most successful hiring strategies among organizations of today rely on software platforms to compile applicant tracking and analyze data more efficiently than humans. However, a committed team of HR professionals is still a necessary resource for a functioning HR department. When a team of professionals can leverage their hiring management software, the entire process reaches a new level of productivity and results.

The trick is to find the right balance: Empower HR professionals to be independent and follow their instincts, but also ensure there is a software platform in place to ease some of the logistical processes. Here’s how your organization can optimize HR solutions and enable professionals to work side-by-side with an applicant tracking system (ATS).

Divide tasks into two groups:
Those that can be accomplished more efficiently with software, and those that require a human touch. Don’t assign busywork to your staff when an ATS could fill that need just as adeptly—if not more so. Think of the day-to-day logistical legwork you could automate, like sorting applications, parsing through résumés, tracking applicants, and updating job postings. Without those chores on HR professionals’ agendas, they will have the time and energy to take on different responsibilities.

Train staff on how to operate software systems
HR professionals won’t have to worry about an ATS replacing them—in fact, those individuals will likely have to operate it from time to time. It’s important for HR professionals to know how the software platform can provide significant insights and complete certain tasks. By engaging your team in the implementation of the software, everyone will be on the same page and better understand individual roles.

Keep Communication Open
As you roll out a new ATS, there will be a short learning curve for everyone—from management all the way down. It’s entirely possible one of your HR professionals will see a new, innovative way to utilize the system. It’s important to allow for suggestions and discussion.

“Engagement is not simply created,” marketing executive David Godden explained to Business 2 Community. “It’s an effort that must be active and participatory so that it becomes part of the overall corporate culture. HR software opens up communication between employees and management and makes engagement building a core value of the company.”

Allow Software to Improve Your Staff
One of the primary goals of HR is to supply the organization with talented, high-caliber new employees. Hiring management software helps deliver those candidates to your office by streamlining the application process, screening applicants effectively, and allowing for more successful ad placement. When used correctly, an ATS can help bring new, ambitious HR professionals to your team. Plus, existing HR professionals will become more efficient by using the insights provided by the software platform.

The software isn’t going to replace your team of professionals—instead, it’s there to be the perfect compliment. By integrating an ATS and allowing your team to take ownership of it, the department and organization at large will benefit.

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