How to Optimize Your Job Postings Webpage

To hire the best candidates, you first need to draw them to your website—and keep them there. Drawin...

Posted by Berkshire on August 24 2015
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To hire the best candidates, you first need to draw them to your website—and keep them there.

Drawing attention to your job postings requires the right kind of advertisement. There are a few ways to go about that advertising, but let’s be clear—it’s necessary if you hope to draw talented candidates to your organization. One way or another, during the recruitment process, you need your job postings to reach the right audience. Much of advertisement is about bringing that news to potential applicants, but you can also accomplish that task by drawing them to you.

An optimized job postings website will attract the top talent, but you have to keep them interested. A jobs page that’s lacking compelling content doesn’t encourage prospective employees to apply. Therefore, advertising your job page is a two-step process: Bring the best candidates to your page and then wow them with what’s there.ENTER YOUR EMAIL Get  HR Updates Delivered to Your Inbox

Boost your jobs page
The rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) say the best pages will appear closest to the top of the search engine results. So if you want to compete for that real estate, you’ll have to bump one of your competitors off their spot at the top. There are several best practices you can follow to make that happen:

Those are just a few of the basics—things every organization should know already. If you’re stuck in SEO purgatory, take a look at top-ranked pages on search engines. What do they do that you don’t? How can you emulate their model? But to be fair, SEO isn’t the only way to get people to your job postings.

Every piece of literature you put out that has to do with your brand or openings should point to your webpage. That means any fliers, email campaigns, job fairs, business cards, or anything else you promote should at some point include your URL. Using a QR code on your physical materials is an easy way to convert an old-fashioned ad into a modern asset.

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SEO is one key to promoting your jobs webpage.

“You want your organization to speak for itself.”

Keep your audience engaged
You’ve successfully attracted several promising candidates to your jobs page. Now what? Ideally, these individuals are thoroughly impressed with your brand, image, and opportunities and are moved to submit an application. First, you need to keep applicants from being overwhelmed or frustrated with the layout after taking one glance. These steps also have to do with SEO—a webpage that is difficult to read will have a low search ranking. But there are better ways to keep people engaged.

Videos are a great way to promote your brand, describe the workplace, introduce a few key people, and keep users engaged with the site. Be careful not to make them too long or too short, though—you don’t want viewers to be bored or unimpressed. Graphics of all types are also important to break up blocks of text and provide other ways of explaining metrics and definitions.

Overall, you want your organization to speak for itself. Show off—prove to your target audience that yours is the best organization for them. Then, when they decide to apply, you need to have a streamlined and responsive online application form along with an applicant tracking system. These tools will make life easier for both the candidates and the HR team. An easy application process only improves your standing in the eyes of the candidates, while the job applicant tracking software will help you keep track of each job seeker throughout their process.

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