Best Practices to Prepare Your Data for 2017

The end of the year is quickly approaching and before you know it the time will come to start gather...

Posted by Stephanie Meyers, Associate HR Consultant on December 12 2016

The end of the year is quickly approaching and before you know it the time will come to start affirmative action plangathering data for 2017 Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs). Here are a few data tips to make your transition into 2017 goes smoothly.

Applicants & New Hires:
  • Ensure applicants are being surveyed for race, gender, disability, and Veteran status.
  • All requisitions that are filled within the plan year should be included in the applicant flow data. Check how your applicant flow data is gathered to confirm you have the correct data. The best practice is to “reverse engineer” your data by first identifying the hires and then identifying the applicant pools that were considered for each selection.
  • Reconcile your applicant flow date with your new hire information. Often, we find new hires that are not in the applicant data, which suggests we do not have correct or complete applicant flow information. Dig deeper to understand why this data is missing in your initial dataset.
  • Review applicant disposition codes for accuracy and to ensure they adequately explain your hiring decisions. For example, internal hires should have a specific disposition code such as “internal successful” that differs from new hires so you can easily determine which requisitions were filled by internal candidates.
Current Workforce & Jobs Groups:
  • Make sure all employees included in data tables have a race and gender specified in your reports. If employees choose not to disclose their race and gender, you may use other employment records or visual identification.
  • If your affirmative action program consists of more than one establishment plan from a single data set be sure plan codes are assigned to both applicants and employees.
  • Review job groups to account for any changes in the company over the past year. For example, if a company was acquired, do these new roles and skill sets fit into current job groups or should a new job group be added?
  • If new job codes have been added over the past year, make sure they are added into the HRIS and included on the reports.
  • Confirm that employee IDs are unique to each employee and consistent throughout any job or location changes.
  • Ensure your current workforce is re-surveyed for disability and Protected Veterans (PV) status in a timely matter. Employees should be re-surveyed every five years with a mid-point reminder that this information may be updated. A best practice is to survey the workforce every two years. 
Outreach & Recruitment:

Confirm all required positions were posted on the state Employment Service Delivery System Service (ESDS) where the opening occurs.

For companies who wish to outsource their Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) preparation, Berkshire offers affirmative action consulting services to get their plans completed. We become a part of the team, handling the minute details, so you can focus more on “big picture” goals and objectives. Our experienced consultants have mastered the ins-and-outs of the latest Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations, ensuring you receive a 100% defensible and audit ready plan.

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