Three Ways to Update Your Job Postings

Reach out to potential candidates more effectively by updating your old job postings to reflect mode...

Posted by Berkshire on August 17 2015
job postings
Reach out to potential candidates more effectively by updating your old job postings to reflect modern trends.

It can be tempting to post the same old job postings whenever someone in your company decides to move on. It’s faster, it saves effort, and clearly it worked in the past. But as digital media, mobilization, and the Internet rapidly expand, it is a good idea to examine those advertisements and determine how you might improve them.

This isn’t to say printed job ads, fliers, campaigns, and other traditional means cannot be effective in the digital age. In fact, complementing your online strategy with physical ads might help you reach a wider audience. But you should still make sure those printed listings point to a digital resource center. Read on for three simple ways to get this done.

1. Include your website and email address on everything

These days, every job advertisement you put out—whether it’s print, email, or whatever else—must include your online information. That means a link to your homepage, online job application, or email address. Additionally, make sure those landing pages are updated and represent your company well. You don’t want someone to follow an old link to a website that no longer exists—that will only alienate your potential candidates.

job postings
QR codes are one way to update old-fashioned job postings.

2. Leverage the QR code
Business Insider explained how a “Quick Response” code can benefit the job seeker: “While speaking with someone you admire, you can let them know more about you in a flash by having them scan the code on your business card, presenting all the information you wish to promote. Instantly, they are exposed to your [company website], blog, LinkedIn profile, articles, etc.”

“A QR code can act as the link to the digital world.”

But this can also apply to your organization. On any paper advertisement, a QR code can act as the link to the digital world for interested applicants. Rather than writing down an email address or typing a URL into their phone, prospective candidates can scan the code and immediately see everything they need to know.

3. Quantify your efforts
Set up a method to trace applicants back to the way they found out about your job—often, a question in the prescreen can provide that data. Determine how many of them relied on a placement in the newspaper, a poster, a billboard, a flier, or any other traditional job advertisement methods. That information will tell you just how many applicants find their way to your organization through something other than the Internet. But you can also take it a step further by using an applicant tracking system to capture even more data from your candidate pool. This software will give you the metrics to find out how effective those job listings are, which demographics respond the most, how many make it into the interview process, and so on.

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The best organizations utilize every channel available to improve their workforce—including those that have been around for years. By updating these tried-and-true methods to reflect modern trends, your organization can lead the way in recruiting efforts.

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