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“The software is very intuitive and easy to use; nicely laid out. I like the consistency report which helps us hone in on data quality issues”  
                                Jackie Plystak, HRIS, W.L.Gore

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BALANCEworks includes BALANCEaapBALANCEhub, and BALANCEtrakTogether, they make up a complete pack of solutions that assist in proactively managing your workforce, and safeguard against areas most vulnerable to compliance violations.

BALANCEworks from Berkshire Associates


Affirmative Action Software

BALANCEaap is a secure, web-based application that gives you more than traditional software. It gives you the freedom, flexibility, and power to create your own 100% technically compliant AAP…right from the web. BALANCEaap affirmative action software contains all the features needed to fully manage and monitor your compliance objectives. Including anytime, anywhere access, online collaboration capability, and regulatory updates. Its step-by-step Guide Me feature and easy navigation makes BALANCEaap easy for users of all levels.

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BALANCEaap Berkshire Associates


Compliance Control Center

BALANCEhub includes three modules: DASH, SHARE,and REACH. Together, these applications give you access to important data about your workforce, and help you gain greater insight for decision-making.

Berkshire’s BALANCEaap and Affirmative Action Outsourcing clients receive complimentary access to BALANCEhub. This means you can store affirmative action information, run reports, and share plans as needed at no additional cost.

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BALANCEhub Berkshire Associates


Get the Hire You Desire

BALANCEtrak is a scalable applicant tracking technology designed to organize hiring activities around getting the hire you desire. With unlimited users, companies use BALANCEtrak to centralize and bring order to their entire hiring process. So whether you have multiple departments, locations, or people involved in your process, HR Professionals can manage it all from one central location. Communicate tasks, get approvals, document applicant dispositions, schedule interviews, send emails, post jobs, and initiate the background screening process...all from the heart of your applicant management system—BALANCEtrak.

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BALANCEtrak Berkshire Associates

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