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MAPSBalanceAAP is a secure, web-based application that gives you more than traditional software.
It gives you the freedom, flexibility, and power to create your own 100% technically compliant AAP…right from the web. BalanceAAP affirmative action software contains all the features needed to fully manage and monitor your compliance objectives. Including anytime, anywhere access, online collaboration capability, and regulatory updates. Its step-by-step Guide Me feature and easy navigation makes balanceAAP easy for users of all levels.





BalanceAAP automates the complex tasks necessary to efficiently prepare a technically compliant affirmative action plan.  

100% Technically Compliant

BalanceAAP gives you the confidence of knowing you are completing, managing, and monitoring a 100% technically compliant plan every time. From start to finish, balanceAAP guides you through every phase of the planning cycle. You can complete all required reports and narratives using the guidelines mandated by OFCCP.


Additional reporting options are also available to perform further analysis, if needed. Users are able to uncover and examine factors contributing to problem areas. Report options include summaries and charts for easy viewing and communicating. BalanceAAP’s built-in quality control adds another level of assurance that you’re preparing a technically compliant plan. The extensive Error-checking and File Consistency features help to clean your data before progressing through the plan prep process.




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Loaded Automation

BalanceAAP automates the complex tasks necessary to efficiently prepare a technically compliant AAP. The application includes tools to easily build recruitment areas, or even jump-start the census coding process, using balanceAAP’s Auto Census Coding feature. Save time and resources using balanceAAP’s automated functionality.

  • Automated data import and mapping wizard
  • Start Point Analysis creates history data for easy Adverse Impact and Goal Attainment reports
  • Build custom and unlimited number of recruitment areas
  • Auto-census coding for jobs
  • Create multiple plans with a single data set
  • Publish reports and graphs easily on the web for distribution to your management team
  • Perform “what-if” analysis with different rules and settings

Data Quality Control

BalanceAAP’s built-in quality control includes multiple stages of data verification to create an accurate plan. BalanceAAP performs extensive error-checking, scrubs your data, and red flags potential errors. Both the error-checking and file consistency features guide you through correcting errors and inconsistencies. BalanceAAP provides you with tools to help efficiently resolve multiple issues at a time.
  • Extensive error-checking scrubs your data and red flags
    potential errors
  • The File Consistency feature examines your data and identifies inconsistencies
  • Both the Error-checking and File Consistency feature guide you through correcting errors
  • Built-in automated functions allow common errors and issues to be fixed in batches to make the process more efficient

Layers of Safety and Security

BalanceAAP offers the peace of mind that your data is safe, secure, and available at any time. As a web-based solution, balanceAAP provides a more stable user experience, and lowers the risk associated with computer viruses, network reliability, and system crashes. BalanceAAP also gives you extensive controls when assigning permissions so you can manage exactly what users can access. You don’t have to worry about losing your data in the event something happens to your computer. Your data is backed up and remains secure on our servers in a certified, secured data center that uses state of the art technology to protect our systems and your data. Berkshire ensures 99.99% up time and access to your affirmative action plan information. 


Your Data is Protected and Secure
  • Data and plans are secure on Berkshire servers in a certified secure data center
  • Regularly scheduled data backups and fully implemented Disaster Recovery Plan
  • BalanceAAP uses 256-bit https on-line platform via Transport Layer Security. Data is encrypted in transit. 
  • Passwords requirements include minimum length, expiration, and version control to allow for strong and complex protection
  • Permissions can be defined at the system, plan, and function level  

Good Faith Efforts Tracker

Another way to ensure you remain compliant throughout the year is to ensure you track your good faith efforts—by using balanceREACH, a good faith efforts tracker. You can easily document your recruitment and outreach activities, and store listing sources that target specific groups. As your HR recruiters or staff members conduct outreach efforts, they can track and document activity in one central database. When it comes time to do your AAP, the activities and sources tracked in balanceREACH can then be pulled into the appropriate affirmative action plan in balanceAAP.


Plan Review Service

As a value-added service to balanceAAP customers, we offer a plan review service. Customers can submit their plans to undergo a thorough review by our expert consultants. After the review has been completed, the consultant will present the recommendations to the client and demonstrate how to make the changes in the software.

In performing this service, Berkshire’s experts will apply our technical knowledge and experience with developing affirmative action plans to provide a quality check for the plan. However, since the purpose of this service is to help users learn the software, we will not make any changes to the client data unless requested.


The following are some of the checks included in the review:

  • Check reports required by 41 CFR 60-2 to make sure all are complete and in the proper format.
  • Review narratives to ensure correct statistics and numbers have been inserted, all company-specific information (e.g. Policy Signer name and title) appears properly, “insert report here” statements have been removed, etc.
  • Check errors and file consistency tables and provide a report of any issues remaining and how they impact the plan.
  • Review job group sizes and provide a list of possible groups to combine or split based on group size.
  • Verify that non-sample reasonable recruitment areas are assigned for all job groups in availability settings, and that they account for annotated employees.
  • Provide recommendations for any job titles that are mapped to general census codes.
  • Check feeder pools in internal availability for any job groups with feeder jobs from higher job groups.
  • Check factor weightings to ensure weight is placed appropriately based on job and feeder group size.
  • Review the utilization analysis and recommend the utilization rule that will show the company in the best light.
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Narratives and Reports 

BalanceAAP allows you to create all OFCCP required reports and narratives, plus you can create other support reports as needed. 


Highlights of Key AAP Reports
  • Plan Summary
  • Job Group Analysis
  • Incumbency vs. Estimated Availability Analysis (with statistical significance)
  • Placement Goals Report
  • Personnel Action Summaries
  • Organizational Profile
  • Adverse Impact Analyses
  • Goal Attainment
  • BalanceAAP’s standard reports can also satisfy the requirements of an OFCCP scheduling letter

Standard and Customizable Narratives

  • Minorities and Women
  • Individuals with Disabilities
  • Protected Veterans

Support Reports & Graphs

  • Annotated Employee List
  • Roster Check List
  • Census Code Assignment
  • Personnel Action Checklists


  • Compensation Summary
  • OFCCP Compensation Analysis


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