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Business leaders increasingly see Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) as a competitive advantage in attracting and building talent and enhancing their business brands. DEI is a broad term that refers to an organization’s effort to create a balanced workforce. DEI helps a business to capture diverse talent and value the contributions of all employees, including minorities, women, and others who have been historically disadvantaged.

In today’s world, DEI is a vital indicator that can reflect how well-positioned your organization is, both from the consumer perspective and in reference to your direct competitors as you work to attract and retain top talent. 

Berkshire delivers highly customized DEI analyses to establish diversity and inclusion baselines and help clients chart a path toward a diverse and resilient workforce. Coupled with our pay equity services, Berkshire's DEconsulting team can offer a complete analysis of your organization’s diversity efforts. 

Why DEI?

DEI is an increasingly common lens by which forward-thinking organizations assess their workforce health. Organizations often come to Berkshire for help with DEI under directives from employee resource groups, DEI committees, organizational leadership, boards of directors, and human resources management -- all interested in building a more inclusive, more productive work environment. Investing in DEI is a proven way to strengthen your organization from the inside out, and some of the benefits of a comprehensive strategy and executed plan include:

  • Increased productivity - 36% more likely to outperform on profitability 
  • Increased collaboration and problem solving - 87% better decision making 
  • Increased capacity to attract and retain talent - 87% impact on performance 
  • Increased market share - 75% faster time to market 
  • Increased visibility by a diverse customer base - 70% more likely to capture new markets 

Data based on this report prepared by Korn/Ferry. 

Diverity Equity Inclusion - Why DEI

Berkshire's Approach

As a leading service provider in affirmative action and compliance, Berkshire distinguishes our DEI services from affirmative action programming in several distinct ways: 

  • DEI is not a federally mandated directive – Berkshire’s DEI services are specifically built to help organizations with an interest in creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment beyond the requirements of the OFCCP   
  • Berkshire’s DEI approach is demographic and culture-driven – meaning that our DEI analysis uses a wider range of variables and then analyzes the many unique factors evident in your workforce profile.  
  • It is highly collaborative and customized to match your vision and strategy – each DEI report created by Berkshire is based on your business situation and created specifically for you.


What Gets Measured Gets Accomplished.

With more than 35 years of experience in workforce analytics, Berkshire’s approach to DEI is both
highly data-driven and informed by decades of collaborative consulting.  

Through a careful analysis of your data, 
Berkshire can help your organization see its
diversity history, its present, and craft a path
for the future. Our experienced consultants
will help identify the specific actions
your organization can take in order to
realize your goals and we’ll monitor your
progress as your DEI partner. 



A Trusted Partner

Navigating your DEI efforts can be a daunting task without the right partner. A qualified and proven partner will understand HR data, confidentiality and have a track record spanning decades. 

At Berkshire, our first step in the DEI process is to get to know your organization – culture, challenges, strengths, and more. We seek to get a holistic understanding of your organizational goals, what’s driving you to pursue DEI, and how we can organize and analyze the data to get you where you need to go. 

Once we have a clear picture of your objectives, Berkshire will do a highly customized analysis of organizational data to establish a DEI baseline – to reveal where your organization stands today in terms of diversity and inclusion. Each DEI report will look at different variables based on your organization’s priorities, including, but not limited to: race/ethnicity, gender, age, and disability status. And of course, layered over this analysis will be insight on hiring, promotions, and terminations as they relate to each grouping. 

But the partnership doesn’t end there. Once we have a baseline, Berkshire is committed to providing you with ongoing support as you integrate DEI initiatives at your organization. Based on your needs, we will help you develop quarterly or annual reporting to give you benchmarks as you tackle DEI. Then, we partner with you to establish concrete targets as you begin the important work of strengthening your organization through diversity and inclusion. 


HR Diversity Consulting

For many organizations like yoursBerkshire’s Diversity Dashboard is an enlightening first step in this process. Armed with new knowledge about their current situation, many business leaders want to understand the implications and risks associated with this information. Once the data has been analyzed in the Dashboard, Berkshire makes available a range of consulting options to guide businesses toward the next step in their diversity journey.  

Berkshire consulting services include: 

  • Establishing Goals and Action Plans 
  • Creating and Implementing a Communication Plan 
  • Reviewing Related Policies 
  • Examining Recruitment and Selection Processes 
  • Analyzing: 
    • Pay 
    • Engagement  
    • External and Internal Perceptions (Brand) 
    • Exit Interview
    • Grievances/EEOC/OFCCP
    • Customer Diversity and Loyalty
    • Supplier Diversity 


Diversity Dashboard

Diversity Dashboard 

The Diversity Dashboard is a great starting point for your company's DEI initiatives.  

In our planning meetings with your team, we will establish what your goals are and what data you would like to see. You may choose to analyze the data in terms of race, gender, and race/gender (for example black women). Other demographic information could be considered, such as education, age, disability, etc. Analysis can be segmented by job families, department, and/or groupings that are meaningful to your organization. We will pull availability data based on current census information and use it to make external comparisons.  

You may choose to analyze various parts of
your HR processes, including:  

  • Employment Representation
  • Hires
  • Promotions
  • Termination
  • Applicants 

Once we have analyzed the data, Berkshire provides you and your team with the full Dashboard report, including easy-to-understand, shareable charts to show you where your organization stands.  

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