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We specialize in helping federal contractors build their ideal, balanced workforce through compliant affirmative action plans.

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Affirmative Action Compliance Services

As a premium provider, with a 98% satisfaction rate, we go beyond simply preparing your plan.

Berkshire offers a wide range of affirmative action compliance solutions that can be

tailored to meet your company’s affirmative action requirements.

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Applicant Management

We do applicant tracking too! Our solutions are perfect for companies seeking an AA/EEO compliant recruitment and talent acquisition process, while striving to build an inclusive workforce.

With Berkshire, you get more than an applicant tracking system. Our experts can help you identify problem areas, uncover adverse impact, or unconscious bias hiding and hampering your diversity and inclusion efforts. 

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Compensation Solutions

Fair Practices for You. Fair Pay for Them

Our consultants possess the know-how to successfully accomplish your fair pay objectives.

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Pay Equity Analysis

Every company should regularly perform pay equity analysis to ensure pay disparities don’t undermine your compensation philosophy, or your mission to be OFFCP compliant. Berkshire’s services help companies pay based on the right factors, and help to prevent inconsistent pay decisions from wreaking havoc on your desire to maintain pay equity. Our consultants use the most advanced statistical analyses accepted by the courts and other government agencies. Berkshire’s methods are based on first-hand experience with OFCCP compliance evaluations regarding pay.

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Market Surveys

Find what other companies in your industry pay for specific positions or job classes. Whether you’re looking to edge the competition, or determine a pay philosphy, a market survey is key to deciding the best approach to compensation. The results of a survey will give you greater insight into how you compare to the market. 

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compensation market surveys


BALANCEpay has over 50 amazing features; most impressive is its flexibility. Not only can you choose to follow federal guidelines but you can create and work within your own company-defined standards. BALANCEpay is the only compensation analysis tool on the market that conducts salary equity and factor-based pay analyses. It allows companies to get rid of cumbersome spreadsheets and enjoy the benefits of accurate and timely reporting. Contact us to learn more or view a demo of BALANCEpay. 

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Base Pay Grades

Establishing a base pay structure provides companies with a framework for managing compensation. Using pay grades, jobs are ranked and compensated based on where the position falls in the hierarchy. The advantages of establishing pay grades range from the ability to make quick pay decisions, to reducing the likelihood of systemic pay discrimination by focusing on the technical aspects of a job. 

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BalanceWORKS suite includes balanceAAP, balanceTRAK and balanceREACH

Together, they make a complete pack of solutions that help

safeguard your company against areas most vulnerable to compliance violations.

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Berkshire’s training options help you deliver smarter outcomes and results when it comes to compliance and workforce issues. Hundreds of HR professionals attend our training each year and gain a body of knowledge used to foster the right processes and procedures in their workplace.

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Affirmative Action Training
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Workforce Analytics

Take advantage of Berkshire’s workforce analytics expertise, and the result will be a workforce prepared for current and future events. Using data already required for affirmative action planning, Berkshire consultants can analyze potential adverse impact, as well as, assist in developing and examining diversity metrics.


Adverse Impact Analyses

Adverse Impact Analysis

diversity metricsDiversity Metrics


BeSource is Berkshire’s FREE Resource Center for HR Professionals 

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