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9/14 Webinar: 2023 OFCCP Scheduling Letter Updates
8/15 Webinar: 2023 NILG Conference Analysis + Recap
7/12 Webinar: Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action in Higher Ed: What Could This Mean for Employers?

6/26 Webinar: Market Analysis - Need Now More Than Ever
5/24 Webinar: AAP Narratives - The Importance of Updating Annually
4/19 Webinar: What to Know about AAP Certification in 2023
3/22 Webinar: A Deep Dive into Internal and External Availability
3/8 Webinar: Federal Contracting in 2023
2/22 Webinar: The Need for AI, Algorithmic, and Automation Bias Audits
1/25 Webinar: How to Manage Remote Employees in Your AAP


12/7 Webinar: Planning for 2023 Reporting Deadlines
10/20 Webinar: OFCCP Compensation Directive Guidance
9/21 Webinar: How to Spot Hidden Discrimination in Recruiting
8/2 Webinar: 2022 NILG Conference Analysis
7/13 Webinar: How to Spot Red Flags in Your OFCCP Audit
5/19 Webinar: Ask Me Anything with Liz Balconi
4/19 Webinar: OFCCP's New Compensation Directive - What Now?
4/14 Webinar: OFCCP Certification Portal Update and Analysis
3/30 Webinar: Reading & Interpreting Your AAP Reports 
3/9 Webinar: Using AAP Data for Diversity Planning
3/3 Webinar: Illinois Pay Reporting - Are You Ready?
2/23 Webinar: Performing an In-Depth Analysis of Your Applicant Selection Processes
1/18 Webinar: A Compensation Conversation with Special Guest Craig Leen



12/8 Webinar: Coding and Analyzing Hires, Promotions and Terminations in the AAP
11/16 Webinar: What We Learned From the OFCCP in 2021
10/14 Webinar: Mastering Job Groups - A Crucial Piece of your AAP
9/15 Webinar: The Deep Dive Into Impact Ratio Analysis (IRA)
8/11 Webinar: 2021 NILG Conference Analysis
7/15 Webinar: Market Analysis Seminar
7/14 Webinar: 2014-2018 EEO Census Tabulation: What You Need to Know
6/16 Webinar: Creating a Compliant Recruitment Life Cycle
5/18 Webinar: How Credit Unions Can Simplify HR Using Their ATS
5/12 Webinar: Your Plan is Finished - Now What?
4/21 Webinar: Accommodations 101
3/24 Webinar: DEI 101: Creating a Diversity Strategy for Small Businesses
2/25 Webinar: How to Improve Candidate Engagement Across Your Hiring Process
2/24 Webinar: Developing a Compensation Philosophy
2/9 Webinar: California Pay Data Reporting Update
1/28 Webinar: 15 Years of the Internet Applicant Rule
12/17 Webinar: Preparing For Your New AAP Year
11/18 Webinar: OFCCP FY2020 Enforcement and Looking Ahead After the Election
11/10 Webinar: Change Management in Times of Turbulence
10/13 Webinar: Applicant Data Dos and Don'ts
9/24 Webinar: Affirmative Action - Beyond the Numbers
9/3 Webinar: Investing in Fun: How & Why to Enhance Employee Morale

8/26 Webinar: Using Data to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion Efforts
7/29 Webinar: Flip the Switch From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion
7/21 Webinar: Things to Consider to Calculate Accurate Availability Percentages
6/17 Webinar: How to Address Promotions in your AAP
5/27: OFCCP Update - How the Agency is Operating During the Health Crisis

4/21 Webinar: Pay Equity 101 with Berkshire
1/21 Webinar: What to Expect from the OFCCP in 2020
1/8 Webinar: An Update on Section 503 Focused Reviews


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