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We are pay equity experts that help companies chart the right path to fair and consistent pay practices.

Stay Ahead of the Curve.

Berkshire offers a flexible, customized approach to proactive internal pay equity analyses. Our experts examine your compensation data using the most advanced statistical analyses.

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“Pay equity," “equal pay for equal work," “closing the pay gap”: these terms have been around for some time, but they have now taken center-stage in compensation management. With changing regulations at the International, Federal, State, and City levels, and with increased enforcement efforts at the federal level, companies need to keep moving just to remain compliant. With increasing social awareness around Pay Equity, and pressures from an increasingly engaged workforce, companies must act pre-emptively to attract and retain talent, avoid damage to their brand, and minimize the risk of lawsuits.

Berkshire’s consultants have deep knowledge of the changing pay equity environment and of the data science and statistical tools needed to understand and analyze your company’s situation, comply with multi-level regulation, and communicate your results in a constructive way to your stakeholders.


Maximize Your Money

  • Berkshire has 20 years of knowledge and experience across all industries.
  • Our specialized compensation analysis tools can protect you against current challenges and help you avoid future pitfalls.
  • The right pay practices can also serve to attract the right talent, increase productivity, boost employee morale, and protect your company’s reputation.
  • Our consultants will take the time to evaluate your existing practices and work with you to make changes as needed.

Statistical Analysis

A complete pay equity review includes the following:

  • Exact or asymptotic tests to evaluate employee groupings (job titles, grades, etc.) for selection issues across protected categories.
  • Specialized capabilities to explore how your workforce is being segmented in practice.
  • Data visualization to understand pay distributions across different groups and how these relate to protected categories.
  • Multivariate regression analyses of pay in compliance with the latest regulatory guidance.
  • Time-series analysis to track your improvements in pay equity performance.
  • Development of corrective measures if needed, and of an iterative plan to remain compliant over time.

Preemptive analyses: Our experienced consultants will examine your pay data proactively using advanced statistical analyses to help you understand its inner workings, such as: what groupings are making a difference in pay, what factors matter within these groups, and which of these may be interacting with protected employee categories. We can then help you develop plans to neutralize problems at minimum cost and with minimum disruption.

Scope of Services

The Value of our Expertise

Berkshire consultants will take the time to understand your organization’s pay structure to then build a model that accurately reflects its true workings.

A complete pay equity review examines your compensation data to uncover and remedy pay gaps and any potential violations to equal pay laws. We will work closely with your team, walking you through every step of the process to ensure compliance and neutralize the impact of upcoming audits. 

After the analysis phase, we can help you plan corrective measures, if needed. We can also help you develop a plan to maintain compliance over time.

Audit support: Navigating an audit requires specialized skills, especially in these times of increased enforcement efforts. Partnering with Berkshire offers you the most effective audit support available. Our specialists routinely help clients in these situations; working directly with out internal experts, they are familiar with the legal details of each step and are experts in the statistical techniques accepted by the courts and other government agencies. 


How We Work

  • Our consultants will develop a thorough understanding of your organization’s compensation philosophy from which to develop advanced statistical models.
  • In pro-active analyses, these models are used to uncover and remedy pay gaps and potential violations of pay equity laws.
  • In close collaboration with your team, we will help you develop remedial measures, if needed, and a plan to stay in compliance across time.
  • In the case of an audit, we offer statistical support you will need to minimize your risk of liability.

Additional Services

Market Surveys

Berkshire's experienced consultants can also assist you in performing market surveys. Using your job descriptions or job analyses data, Berkshire will gather compensation data from leading industry market surveys based on company size, annual revenue, location, and industry. We provide you with weighted aggregate results that enable you to establish competitive salary models based upon your industry and geographic region.

Base Pay Grade Structure

Berkshire’s expert compensation consultants will design your base pay salary ranges using an internal job evaluation and/or external market analysis methodology. Through our highly collaborative approach, we create internally equitable and externally competitive base pay grade structures specifically for you. Your customized pay grades are included in a Compensation Administration Manual complete with procedures and electronic worksheets for ongoing administration of your plan.

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