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Webinar - Affirmative Action - Beyond the Numbers

Berkshire's Liz Balconi discusses the non-statistical requirements of your AAP and offer best practices as you navigate the other elements of affirmative action compliance.

Webinar - Investing in Fun: How & Why to Enhance Employee Morale

Join Berkshire and balanceTRAK for a webinar that features guest speaker Deloria Nelson and includes a mini case study on employee morale.

Webinar - Using Data to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Join Berkshire's Cheryl Boyer and Thomas Carnahan to learn how to use data to enhance your diversity and inclusion efforts.

Webinar - Flip the Switch From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion

Manoj Tiwari and Elaine Orler join forces in this unique presentation to offer insights on navigating the inevitable challenges of unconscious bias with defensible conscious inclusion.

Webinar - Things to Consider to Calculate Accurate Availability Percentages

Join Berkshire's Katie Johnson to learn the things you need to consider when calculating accurate availability percentages.

Webinar - How to Address Promotions in Your AAP

Join Berkshire's Patti Sauer and Beth Conner to discuss promotions and how to best capture competitive and non-competitive promotions in your AAP.

Watch: OFCCP Update - How the Agency is Operating During the Health Crisis

Join Berkshire's own Lynn Clements, as she breaks down updates within OFCCP.

Webinar - Pay Equity 101 with Berkshire

Join Berkshire consultant Michele Hester as she breaks down the basics of Pay Equity in this highly-popular webinar.

Resource - Pay Equity Checklist

It can be intimidating to start your own pay equity analysis. But the experts at Berkshire have you covered!

Webinar - Collecting EEO Self-ID Information: Emerging Issues and Best Practices

Berkshire's Lynn Clements joins LocalJobNetwork to offer some best practices for improving the collection of self-ID data.

Webinar - What to Expect from OFCCP in 2020

Berkshire's President comes to you for this special webinar to forecast key trends in 2020.

FAQ - The What, Who, Why, How and When of Functional AAPs

FAAPs are available for use in lieu of establishment (location based) based AAPs.

Webinar - An Update on Section 503 Focused Reviews

Berkshire reports on what we're seeing from the OFCCP during recent section 503 focused reviews.

Case Study - 20 Years of Working with Berkshire

Marge Sachs has worked with Berkshire for almost 20 years. This is her experience with us.

FAQs - Affirmative Action FAQs

Check out one of our most commonly referenced resources, and build up a fundamental understanding of the world of affirmative action.

Webinar - Do's & Don'ts for Hiring within the Law

For this webinar, balanceTRAK welcomes the Evil HR Lady herself, Suzanne Lucas, to explore the intersections of employment law and talent acquisition.

White Paper - Definitions for EEO-1

Berkshire breaks down the definitions for EEO-1 contractors in this useful download.

White Paper - Definitions for EEO-4

Berkshire breaks down the definitions for EEO-4 contractors in this useful download.

White Paper - Definitions for EEO-6

Berkshire breaks down the definitions for EEO-6 contractors in this useful download.

White Paper - Creating AAP Job Groups— It’s an Art, Not a Science!

Get the “Five Tips for Creating Strategic AAP Job Groups” reference document from Berkshire's own Lynn Clements.

Webinar - OFCCP's Educational Institution's TAG

Join Berkshire consultants as they breakdown the key components of the OFCCP's new Educational Institutions Technical Assistance Guide.

Webinar - Exploring the Gig Economy and OFCCP Compliance.

During this free webinar, attendees will gain insight into how these alternative employment relationships are being met by OFCCP.

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