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Webinar - Reflecting on the Supreme Court's Ruling on Affirmative Action in Higher Ed - One Year Later

In this webinar, Margo Pave (Director, Human Capital Strategy Group at Resolution Economics), and Cheryl Boyer (Director, Diversity Services at Berkshire) will discuss the legal landscape affecting employers since the Supreme Court decision and offer perspectives on what employers should consider when assessing their equal opportunity and DEI&A programs in light of these developments.   

Webinar - Job Analysis: Harness Your People Power With This Crucial Strategy

Understanding job roles and the requirements that accompany them may sound like a simple enough concept, but there is an art and methodology to this strategy that every organization could benefit from applying. Join Dr. Thomas Carnahan and Allegra Hill as they discuss the fundamentals of job analysis and outline how this foundational tactic influences almost every HR process at your company.

Webinar - Attracting Individuals with Disabilities to Your Organization

For federal contractors struggling to meet their compliance requirements under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act, Berkshire teams up with Disability Solutions to bring our clients practical advice for recruiting and hiring people with disabilities.

White Paper: Pay Equity Roadmap

The first step in your process should be determining the organizational goal. There can be different reasons to be investigating pay equity, and different goals would call for a different prescriptive action.

White Paper: 3 Opportunity Costs of not Investing in DEI

Aside from focusing on the benefits of DEI, part of your business case for DEI involves covering the risks of not investing in the right programs and the toll that gap can take on your business outcomes. In this white paper, Berkshire identifies three crucial opportunity costs of not investing in DEI initiatives.

White Paper: How to Make the Business Case for DEI

While external statistics can be convincing, your business case for a greater investment in DEI initiatives needs to be tied to your specific organization. Take these steps to assemble a business case your peers in leadership can’t afford to ignore.

Webinar - Game Changer: How the 2023 changes to the Scheduling Letter have impacted OFCCP audits (so far)

Having supported over a hundred audits in the last year alone, Lynn Clements, Director of Audit and HR Services, will share what she has learned about current OFCCP audits since the new Scheduling Letter and where she anticipates the agency is heading. Important developments covered will include OFCCP’s focus on AAP implementation, common information requests, more intensive audits, pay equity reviews, artificial intelligence, and much more.

Webinar - Accuracy is Everything: How a Time & Pay Checkup can help protect your company from costly wage and hour mistakes

In a landscape marked by regulatory complexity, ensuring compliance with wage and hour laws is imperative for businesses of all sizes with hourly employees, as small missteps in this arena can have costly consequences. Join Alison Rose, a partner at Berkshire’s parent company Resolution Economics, for an insightful webinar as she discusses the pitfalls companies face in this area and how you can protect your company with Time & Pay Checkups.

Webinar - Think Like an OFCCP Auditor

Join Berkshire experts Rachel Rubino and Alexis Seibert, as they discuss how to "think like an OFCCP auditor". Drawing from Berkshire’s extensive audit experience, as well as OFCCP materials available to contractors, they will help attendees learn to review their AAPs like an auditor would. 

Webinar - Pay Equity 101 with Berkshire

Join Berkshire's Dr. Thomas Carnahan as he breaks down the basics of Pay Equity. He will also discuss: impact of pay equity legislation, how to evaluate your pay data, and practices to promote pay equity. This highly-popular webinar was updated and re-recorded for 2024.

Webinar - Plan Your Year -What government deadlines are expected

A new year means a new government reporting cycle for all your federal reports! Government reporting can tend to fall by the wayside until a deadline is fast approaching. What can you do now to have a stress-free reporting cycle? Join Berkshire experts as we go through how to plan your government reporting year.

Webinar - Ask Me Anything with Katie Johnson

January brings a new year, and, with it, new resolutions and opportunities. For many federal contractors, it also means that it’s time to start thinking about affirmative action planning. If you’ve got questions about preparing your plan, you’re in luck – we're giving you access to an expert.  

Webinar - Crystal Ball: Looking Ahead to 2024

2024 is quickly approaching - do you know what changes are in store for federal contractors? Are you and your compliance team prepared for these changes? Join Berkshire experts as they walk you through 2024’s compliance related changes and provide you with strategies to ensure you are ready.

Webinar - AI + DEIA - How to embrace AI while ensuring fairness

AI has the potential to enhance or undermine our progress as it relates to DEI&A – and it’s up to us to use it wisely. In this webinar, Cheryl Boyer, Director of Diversity Services, and Angelie Seagraves, HR Consultant, will discuss the potential and the pitfalls of using AI to further DEI&A efforts and strategies that HR and DEI professionals can deploy to use AI effectively while minimizing risks.

Webinar - Higher Ed Headaches: From Tenured Positions to Job Title Struggles

As an affirmative action professional in the higher education arena, you may run into some circumstances that are unique to this industry.  When dealing with this uniqueness, do you feel certain areas of the plan are more challenging than others? Join Berkshire's Julie Dominguez and Samuel Stegmann as they discuss special insights on how to handle your Higher Ed headaches with industry-specific strategy.

Webinar - 2023 OFCCP Scheduling Letter Updates

Beth Ronnenburg, Berkshire’s President, will join Managing HR Consultant Liz Balconi to break down the most important changes to the scheduling letter and explain the implications for federal contractors like you.

Webinar - 2023 NILG Conference Analysis + Recap Webinar

Beth Ronnenburg, Berkshire’s President, leads this webinar, unpacking the most important takeaways from the conference. What trends kept reappearing throughout the conference agenda? What were some of the most surprising and informative sessions from this year?

Webinar - Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action in Higher Ed: What Could This Mean for Employers?

Join Resolution Economics’ Vicki Lipnic, former Commissioner and Acting Chair of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), Resolution Economics’ Margo Pave (Director, Human Capital Strategy Group), Berkshire’s Lynn Clements (Director, Audit and HR Services), and Cheryl Boyer (Director, Diversity Services) as they unpack the recent Supreme Court decision on affirmative action in higher education.

Webinar - Market Analysis - Needed Now More Than Ever

Join Allegra Hill and Thomas Carnahan as they discuss the fundamental concepts of pay grades, such as their purpose and the benefits of having a compensation structure. They will also discuss the importance of job analysis and the different methodologies for conducting a job evaluation and creating pay grades.

Webinar - AAP Narratives - The Importance of Updating Annually

Join Berkshire consultants Crystal Nwabuko and Katie Johnson as they discuss important components of the narratives. They will discuss required components of the narratives, as well as typical areas of OFCCP focus in audits.

Webinar - What to Know about AAP Certification in 2023

The OFCCP Contractor Portal officially opened for a second cycle of AAP certification on March 31, 2023. Join Berkshire expert, Michele Hester as she will provide a timely overview of the 2023 certification process and what we learned from the inaugural 2022 certification process.

Webinar - A Deep Dive into Internal and External Availability

Join Berkshire Experts, Alexis Seibert & Stephanie Stahr as they discuss the ins and outs of availability settings. They will cover the different types of availability, the importance of accurate recruitments areas and census coding, how you identify feeder jobs, and how availability plays a part in setting your placement goals for the year. 

Webinar - Federal Contracting in 2023

Berkshire's Lynn Clements, Director of Audit and HR services, will moderate as Berenzweig Leonard attorneys Stephanie Wilson and Declan Leonard discuss recent legal updates that federal contractors should know about in 2023.

Webinar - The Need for AI, Algorithmic, and Automation Bias Audits

Join experts Victoria A. Lipnic, Esq., Gurkan Ay, Ph.D., and Ye Zhang, Ph.D., from Berkshire’s new corporate partner Resolution Economics, as they discuss these new regulatory requirements, how AI Bias Audits can help you comply with them, and what goes into an AI Bias Audit. 

Webinar - How to Manage Remote Employees in your AAP

This webinar will cover the most common types of remote employees, suggest how remote employees could be mapped to AAPs, how to handle annotations, and identify reasonable recruitment areas for job groups with remote workers.

Quick Guide - 5 Steps to Jumpstart Your DEI Journey

In today’s world, DEI is a vital indicator that can reflect how well-positioned your organization is, both from the consumer perspective and in reference to your direct competitors as you work to attract and retain top talent. But where do you start – and what steps do you need to take?

Webinar - Planning for 2023 Reporting Deadlines

Join Berkshire experts Rachel Rubino and Julie Dominguez as they walk you through 2023’s compliance related deadlines and provide you with strategies to ensure you meet them.

Cheat Sheet - Personnel Action Coding

When it comes to managing your workforce, it's important to develop specific personnel action codes for hires, promotions, and terminations in your applicant tracking and HRIS systems. In this cheat sheet, you'll find some commonly used codes that you can apply to your own workforce management.

Webinar - OFCCP Compensation Directive Guidance

OFCCP’s recent directives make clear that the agency now will seek more information about your compliance with this regulatory requirement if you are audited. What does this mean for you?  In this one-hour session, Lynn Clements, Berkshire’s Director of Audit and HR Services, will walk federal contractors through these recent clarifications and how to best comply.  

Webinar - How to Spot Hidden Discrimination in Recruiting

In this webinar, we will explore these hidden areas of discrimination and discuss ways to identify and transform your approach to make sure you are providing equal employment opportunities to applicants seeking employment at your company.

Webinar - 2022 NILG Conference Analysis

Join Beth Ronnenburg, Berkshire’s President, as she offers her analysis on some of the most important takeaways from the conference. What trends kept reappearing throughout the conference agenda? What were some of the most surprising and informative sessions from this year?

Checklist - Accommodations 101

Properly managing accommodations in the workplace is no easy task. That's why Berkshire has put together a checklist of a few key action items to help contractors like you navigate your accommodations process and remain ADA compliant.

Webinar - Ask Me Anything with Liz Balconi

Have you ever been working on your affirmative action plan and thought to yourself, “I really wish I had an expert to consult about this.” Well, you’re in luck! In this webinar, Liz will field questions and offer guidance to help you navigate some of the finer points of the affirmative action space.

Webinar - Understanding OFCCP's New Compensation Directive

In this 30-minute session, Lynn Clements, Berkshire's Director of Audits and Regulatory Affairs, and Thomas Carnahan, our Manager of Compensation Services, will briefly explain the directive and take your questions. 

Webinar - OFCCP Certification Portal Update and Analysis

Berkshire’s President Beth Ronnenburg will provide a timely overview of the newly implemented registration and certification process. Given that this process is still largely shrouded in unknowns, Beth will outline the practical implications of ‘what we know’ as well as ‘what we don’t know yet.’

Webinar - Reading & Interpreting Your AAP Reports

Your AAP is finished and it's time to interpret the data. But what is the data telling you? Join Berkshire's Suzanne Keys, for a webinar designed to help you navigate the analysis and implementation of your affirmative action plan.

Webinar - Using AAP Data for Diversity Planning

In this webinar, Director of Diversity Services Cheryl Boyer and Senior HR Consultant Kristen Johnson will explore the intersection between affirmative action and diversity -- and provide guidance on using data gleaned from your AAP for diversity planning and monitoring.

Webinar - Illinois Pay Reporting - Are You Ready?

Watch as veteran employment attorney Maryelena Zaccardelli of Michael Best & Friedrich and Berkshire’s pay equity manager Dr. Thomas Carnahan discuss the ins and outs of the Illinois’ Equal Pay Registration Certification requirements.

Webinar - Performing an In-Depth Analysis of Your Applicant Selection Processes

You have conducted a preliminary review of your applicant and hiring process and have identified statistically significant adverse impact. Now what? Join Berkshire expert, Heather Gale, as we explore what to do next when your initial analysis suggests a potential problem in your selection process.

Webinar - A Compensation Conversation with Special Guest Craig Leen

Special guest and Former OFCCP Director Craig Leen and Berkshire pay equity powerhouses Dr. Thomas Carnahan and Lynn Clements, Esq. share insights about trends emerging in the rapidly evolving world of compensation.

Webinar - Coding and Analyzing Hires, Promotions and Terminations in the AAP

As part of Berkshire’s ongoing series of webinars, this session discusses hire, promotion, and termination coding and analyses - how to define/distinguish the different types of personnel activities that occur in an organization and options when analyzing the personnel activity.

Webinar - What We Learned From the OFCCP in 2021

Berkshire's Director of Audit & HR Services, Lynn Clements identifies OFCCP’s current enforcement priorities, share lessons learned from OFCCP’s FY 2021 enforcement results and recent OFCCP compliance reviews, and offer insight into real-world EEO and affirmative action compliance and risk management strategies.

Webinar - Mastering Job Groups

In this session we will cover the importance of developing job groups in the affirmative action plan. Job groups are a crucial component of every AAP, and understanding the nuances of job groups will ensure that your AAP results are as accurate as possible.

Webinar - The Deep Dive Into Impact Ratio Analysis (IRA)

Perhaps you are familiar with Impact Ratio Analysis (IRA) and how it is used in AAPs, but did you know it can be used for so much more? Join Berkshire Expert, Suzanne Keys as we take a deep dive into all the various uses for IRA.

Webinar - Market Analysis Seminar

Would a market study help your business's bottom line? Tune into our session to learn the benefits of conducting a market analysis and ask questions of Berkshire's Pay Equity Manager, Thomas J. Carnahan, Ph.D.

Webinar - 2014-2018 EEO Census Tabulation - What You Need to Know

Join Berkshire expert Katie Johnson as she shares insights into the latest census data. We will also review the implications to consider when deciding when to implement the new data in your organization.

Webinar - Creating a Compliant Recruitment Life Cycle

This webinar will help you look deeper, understand your plan results, and map out action items to address areas of focus and meet compliance obligations. It will also provide you with ways to effectively manage your affirmative action obligations and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Webinar - How Credit Unions Can Simplify HR Using Their ATS

Berkshire’s experts will discuss how to make your hiring process easier. We’ll show you 5 ways to use an applicant tracking system to simplify what you’re doing now while still attracting and engaging with those top candidates that you want to hire.

Webinar - Your Plan is Finished - Now What?

In this webinar, Berkshire's Charlotte Arnoldson and Tamanda Khanga will help you look deeper, understand your plan results, and map out action items to address areas of focus and meet compliance obligations.

Webinar - Accommodations 101

Berkshire's Tiffany Hughes and Kristen Johnson will discuss an employer’s obligations regarding accommodations in the workplace and explore common situations that may arise and how to address them.

Webinar - DEI 101: Creating a Diversity Strategy for Small Businesses

Join Berkshire’s Director of Diversity Services, Cheryl Boyer, as she will discuss ways to create a diversity strategy for small businesses.

Webinar - How to Keep Candidates Engaged across the Hiring Process Using Your ATS

Get tips from Berkshire professionals about how to keep candidates engaged throughout your hiring process and reduce candidate dropoff. 

Webinar - Developing a Compensation Philosophy

Join Berkshire's Pay Equity Manager, Dr. Thomas Carnahan, for a discussion on both simple and complex strategies towards creating defensible compensation structures and philosophies.

Webinar - California Pay Data Reporting Update

Cindy Karrow, Managing Consultant, and Dr. Thomas Carnahan, Pay Equity Manager, teamed up to discuss the ramifications of the new law, what data will be required, and who will be required to file.

Webinar - 15 Years of the Internet Applicant Rule

Berkshire experts review the OFCCP’s Internet Applicant definition and real-world guidance for common implementation situations. This webinar will review the history behind the rule, what the rule is, and how it has been used in audits.

Webinar - Preparing For Your New AAP Year

Join Berkshire experts, Rachel Rubino and Stephanie Stahr as they discuss what steps you can take now to make the AAP process go quicker and complete your AAP closer to your plan date.

Webinar - OFCCP FY2020 Enforcement and Looking Ahead After the Election

Berkshire's Charu Avasthy and Sonia Chapin discuss a roundup of OFCCP movement and activity in the recently closed fiscal year

Webinar - Applicant Data Dos and Don'ts

Join Berkshire's Suzanne Keys and Tiffany Hughes as they discuss best practices for utilizing the Internet applicant definition to clearly define applicant pools, as well as how to navigate those tough common recruitment challenges.

Webinar - Affirmative Action - Beyond the Numbers

Berkshire's Liz Balconi discusses the non-statistical requirements of your AAP and offer best practices as you navigate the other elements of affirmative action compliance.

Webinar - Investing in Fun: How & Why to Enhance Employee Morale

Join Berkshire and balanceTRAK for a webinar that features guest speaker Deloria Nelson and includes a mini case study on employee morale.

Webinar - Using Data to Enhance Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Join Berkshire's Cheryl Boyer and Thomas Carnahan to learn how to use data to enhance your diversity and inclusion efforts.

Webinar - Flip the Switch From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion

Manoj Tiwari and Elaine Orler join forces in this unique presentation to offer insights on navigating the inevitable challenges of unconscious bias with defensible conscious inclusion.

Webinar - Things to Consider to Calculate Accurate Availability Percentages

Join Berkshire's Katie Johnson to learn the things you need to consider when calculating accurate availability percentages.

Webinar - How to Address Promotions in Your AAP

Join Berkshire's Patti Sauer and Beth Conner to discuss promotions and how to best capture competitive and non-competitive promotions in your AAP.

Webinar - OFCCP Update - How the Agency is Operating During the Health Crisis

Join Berkshire's own Lynn Clements, as she breaks down updates within OFCCP.

Resource - Pay Equity Checklist

It can be intimidating to start your own pay equity analysis. But the experts at Berkshire have you covered!

Webinar - Collecting EEO Self-ID Information: Emerging Issues and Best Practices

Berkshire's Lynn Clements joins LocalJobNetwork to offer some best practices for improving the collection of self-ID data.

Webinar - What to Expect from OFCCP in 2020

Berkshire's President comes to you for this special webinar to forecast key trends in 2020.

FAQ - The What, Who, Why, How and When of Functional AAPs

FAAPs are available for use in lieu of establishment (location based) based AAPs.

Webinar - An Update on Section 503 Focused Reviews

Berkshire reports on what we're seeing from the OFCCP during recent section 503 focused reviews.

Case Study - 20 Years of Working with Berkshire

Marge Sachs has worked with Berkshire for almost 20 years. This is her experience with us.

FAQs - Affirmative Action FAQs

Check out one of our most commonly referenced resources, and build up a fundamental understanding of the world of affirmative action.

Webinar - Do's & Don'ts for Hiring within the Law

For this webinar, balanceTRAK welcomes the Evil HR Lady herself, Suzanne Lucas, to explore the intersections of employment law and talent acquisition.

White Paper - Definitions for EEO-1

Berkshire breaks down the definitions for EEO-1 contractors in this useful download.

White Paper - Definitions for EEO-4

Berkshire breaks down the definitions for EEO-4 contractors in this useful download.

White Paper - Definitions for EEO-6

Berkshire breaks down the definitions for EEO-6 contractors in this useful download.

Webinar - OFCCP's Educational Institution's TAG

Join Berkshire consultants as they breakdown the key components of the OFCCP's new Educational Institutions Technical Assistance Guide.

Webinar - Exploring the Gig Economy and OFCCP Compliance.

During this free webinar, attendees will gain insight into how these alternative employment relationships are being met by OFCCP.

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