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Watch: OFCCP Update - How the Agency is Operating During the Health Crisis

Join Berkshire's own Lynn Clements, as she breaks down updates within OFCCP.

Webinar - Pay Equity 101 with Berkshire

Join Berkshire consultant Michele Hester as she breaks down the basics of Pay Equity in this highly-popular webinar.

Resource - Pay Equity Checklist

It can be intimidating to start your own pay equity analysis. But the experts at Berkshire have you covered!

Webinar - Collecting EEO Self-ID Information: Emerging Issues and Best Practices

Berkshire's Lynn Clements joins LocalJobNetwork to offer some best practices for improving the collection of self-ID data.

Webinar - What to Expect from OFCCP in 2020

Berkshire's President comes to you for this special webinar to forecast key trends in 2020.

FAQ - The What, Who, Why, How and When of Functional AAPs

FAAPs are available for use in lieu of establishment (location based) based AAPs.

Webinar - An Update on Section 503 Focused Reviews

Berkshire reports on what we're seeing from the OFCCP during recent section 503 focused reviews.

Case Study - 20 Years of Working with Berkshire

Marge Sachs has worked with Berkshire for almost 20 years. This is her experience with us.

FAQs - Affirmative Action FAQs

Check out one of our most commonly referenced resources, and build up a fundamental understanding of the world of affirmative action.

Webinar - Do's & Don'ts for Hiring within the Law

For this webinar, balanceTRAK welcomes the Evil HR Lady herself, Suzanne Lucas, to explore the intersections of employment law and talent acquisition.

White Paper - Definitions for EEO-1

Berkshire breaks down the definitions for EEO-1 contractors in this useful download.

White Paper - Definitions for EEO-4

Berkshire breaks down the definitions for EEO-4 contractors in this useful download.

White Paper - Definitions for EEO-6

Berkshire breaks down the definitions for EEO-6 contractors in this useful download.

White Paper - Creating AAP Job Groups— It’s an Art, Not a Science!

Get the “Five Tips for Creating Strategic AAP Job Groups” reference document from Berkshire's own Lynn Clements.

Webinar - OFCCP's Educational Institution's TAG

Join Berkshire consultants as they breakdown the key components of the OFCCP's new Educational Institutions Technical Assistance Guide.

Webinar - Exploring the Gig Economy and OFCCP Compliance.

During this free webinar, attendees will gain insight into how these alternative employment relationships are being met by OFCCP.

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