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Accuracy is Everything: How a Time & Pay Checkup can help protect your company from costly wage and hour mistakes 


Recorded: April 2024

In a landscape marked by regulatory complexity, ensuring compliance with wage and hour laws is imperative for businesses of all sizes with hourly employees, as small missteps in this arena can have costly consequences. Join Alison Rose, a partner at Berkshire’s parent company Resolution Economics, for an insightful webinar as she discusses the pitfalls companies face in this area and how you can protect your company with Time & Pay Checkups.


Tailored for HR professionals, compliance officers, or business owners with non-exempt W2 employees, this webinar will explore common mistakes and compliance risks associated with wage and hour practices drawing from real-world examples and case studies focusing on two particular topics:

  • Accurately recording and transmitting hours worked to payroll
  • Accurately computing the regular rate of pay


We will also discuss how you can assess your company’s risk and at what point you’ll need to turn to an expert. Alison will walk you through the details of how a Time & Pay Checkup works, including data collection, analysis, and reporting, as well as the generally associated costs and timing. Attendees will come away armed with information not only about where they may be facing potential wage and hour compliance risks, but how to engage in and get the most out of the Time & Pay Checkup process.  

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About Alison Rose

Alison Rose is a Partner at Resolution Economics’ Chicago office. Since joining Resolution Economics in 2004, Ms. Rose has specialized in employment-related litigation support, including the preparation of economic and statistical analysis for the purpose of assisting counsel in evaluating class certification, merits, and damages issues. She also has extensive experience in preparing analyses related to wage and hour audits including analysis of related timekeeping and payroll practices as well as exempt/non-exempt status and employee/contractor status classification.

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