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Check out the new Berkshire Client Portal (BCP)! 

The BCP is your new way to interact with Berkshire for the secure exchange of files, reports, service deliverables, and resources; including easy-to-use, interactive data visualizations, enhanced reporting and additional tools to help you effectively use your results. 

More than just a typical software update, the BCP is the game-changing way that we’ve enhanced the client experience and made it easier for HR professionals to explain and share affirmative action plan results with key stakeholders in their business.  

The BCP is: 

  • One central place to exchange data and deliverables 
  • A resource center for your company  
  • A reimagined way to look at your AAP data visually 





One Central Place

The BCP will serve as the one central place to share and collaborate with your Berkshire team.  

BCP’s Document Center provides a secure way to upload and share all your highly sensitive workforce data with Berkshire. Then, when your plan or service is completed, your consultant will publish your reports and analyses to the BCP and review your completed deliverables with you. The BCP’s secure transfer functionality will make your experience with Berkshire a more seamless partnership.  

The BCP will also serve as your system of record. All of your work with Berkshire, whether it’s affirmative action planning, pay equity analysis, or diversity services, will be hosted in the BCP. This one central location will house everything you need and help your team with its built-in continuity.  

Important Considerations When Selecting an AAP Vendor

Resources at your fingertips

Berkshire consultants frequently share helpful advice and tips with our clients. We do not share those with just anyone – they contain rich, detailed content, specifically for Berkshire’s clients.  

Our client-only resources help give you a 360-degree view of compliance, with information about requirements outside of the affirmative action plan like the self-identification form, information about Good Faith Efforts, and more.  

This detail-rich resource database includes forms, templates, guidance documents, implementation support, and advice. 


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Data Visualization that you control

Our new data visualizations for your AAP provide so much more than a traditional dashboard! 

Easy to interpret graphs and charts will present your data in a way that everyone can understand. Rather than comb through countless PDFs to try to piece together how well your organization is performing, you get a rich executive summary of status and progress using visually appealing, user-friendly charts and graphs.  

In the BCP, you can view big picture results while being able to dive deep into problems that require a closer look. Clients with multiple plans can easily view their results in a variety of ways, combining different plans across locations or business lines, or by focusing on one establishment or plan. 

And the BCP is user friendly, easy to navigate and use for users with any level of expertise. Results are intended to be understandable by the novice or the expert.  

Better yet, the new data visualization makes it easy to share information with key stakeholders in your organization. The newly-designed downloadable reports – with layouts created with feedback from industry experts - make it easy to present your data to others in your company. And BCP makes it easy to know what to share with what audience, as summaries are available at multiple levels allowing you to target the communication of results to a variety of audiences 

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