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Is balanceAAP Right for You?

balanceAAP software is a great choice if you have the time and expertise to create your organization’s affirmative action plan. Using our software, you will be able to:

  • Create a 100% technically Compliant Plan for Minorities and Women plan, Individual with Disabilities plan and Protected Veterans plan.
  • Customize standard narratives to highlight your organization’s program successes
  • Develop custom drilldown or rollup reporting based on your structure and needs
  • Create your EEO-1 and VETS 4212 reports
  • Provide access to final reports online to an unlimited number of users
  • Track your Good Faith Efforts software balanceREACH



Narratives and Reports

balanceAAP creates both narratives and reports for your  affirmative action plan, guaranteed to stay 100% compliant with OFCCP reporting requirements. Built-in primary reports include:

  • Narratives – M/W IWD VETS
  • Organizational Profile: either Workforce Analysis or Organizational Display
  • Job Group Analysis
  • Annotated Employee List
  • Availability Analysis: both Internal and External Availability
  • Incumbency vs. Estimated Availability Analysis
  • Placement Goals and Shortage Reports
  • Analysis of Personnel Activity
  • Goal Attainment from previous year
  • Impact Ratio Analysis by favored group with statistical significance
  • Compensation Summary
  • Estimated Labor Statistics Report
  • Checklists for all main reports
  • Checklists for all personnel actions and applicant data

Reporting beyond OFCCP requirements includes:

  • An Executive Dashboard for broader organizational view of accomplishments and problem areas of organization and custom groups in a visually appealing interface
  • Plan Summary report highlighting successes and goals for each plan
  • Analyze data based on your organizational hierarchy, using Drill-down and Rollup reporting feature
  • Trend analysis from year to year by location, job group or EEO Category
  • Create Establishment or Functional plans, or both for OFCCP compliance and internal practical usability
  • Generate EEO-1 and VETS-4212 reports for electronic filing within balanceAAP using AAP data or separate data
  • Access to the Berkshire Client Portal, Berkshire's proprietary service delivery portal, which features cutting edge data visualization, new downloadable reports, and a resource library for AAP professionals.

Data Analysis

balanceAAP software has a variety of tools and capabilities to help you make sense of your data:

  • Most thorough automated data validation methodology in the industry
  • Automated data error checking with easy tools to correct errors
  • File Consistency checks verify the consistency of employee records across all personnel actions
  • Bulk Cleanup to save time
  • Improve accuracy of your applicant data by cross checking against new hires
  • Create custom personnel actions to analyze potential impact
  • User friendly data import and export tools








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Bundled Features

In addition to all the crucial functionality embedded in this powerful software, Berkshire has built in some add-ons to make the affirmative action planning process as easy as possible. Along with your subscription to balanceAAP you receive complimentary access to:

  • Good Faith Efforts Tracking: Along with your subscription to balanceAAP, you also get access to our integrated Good Faith Efforts tracking application, balanceREACH, which enables you to document and report on outreach activities across your organization throughout the plan year.

  • Technical Support: We offer stellar customer support via, phone and email during business hours, hourly and daily backups, and all software updates are included with your annual subscription

  • EEO-1 and VETS 4212 Reporting: You will receive a fully compliant EEO-1 and VETS-4212 reporting module for companies to generate reports and electronic files for submissions to their respective sites and forms.



Added Value

Additionally, Berkshire offers a Plan Review Service to balanceAAP users as an add-on service -- delivering an expert review of the plans created by your internal users. Berkshire’s experts provide advanced technical knowledge of balanceAAP, expertise with industry best-practices for developing affirmative action plans, and an in-depth quality check.

  • Plan Review includes:
    • An extensive checklist to ensure accuracy, methodology and full technical compliance with OFCCP requirements,
    • Data and Reports check for completeness
    • Availability, general Census coding, factor weights distribution methodology
    • Narratives check for proper settings and required information
    • Suggestions and recommendations to make the final analysis meaningful for your AAP owners.

Berkshire’s team of AAP experts are always available to support you in a time of need like OFCCP Audit, to augment AAP skillset during time of resource crunch with our consulting services, and/or general consultation on all OFCCP compliance related topics.


balanceAAP offers the peace of mind that sensitive data is safe and secure, while still available to you and your team at any time. As a cloud-based solution, balanceAAP lowers the risk associated with computer viruses, network reliability, and system crashes. Berkshire ensures 99.9% up-time and unfettered access to your AAP information.

Ways that we ensure your data is protected and secure:

  • Berkshire is certified annually for SOC 2 Type II for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, and Confidentiality.
  • Data and plans are secure on Berkshire owned and managed servers, in a SOC 1 and 2 certified, secure data center
  • Hourly and daily data backups and fully implemented Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Warm offsite disaster recovery data center and data storage provides quick recovery time from any disaster
  • Berkshire uses 256-bit encryption for all data in-transit and at-rest in balanceAAP 
  • Customizable password configuration, allowing for extremely strong and complex protection based on your company policy
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) integration ready
  • Role-based permissions at the system and plan levels   
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