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With a 98% satisfaction rate, we know affirmative action compliance. Our clients receive a plan that is 100% technically compliant with OFCCP regulations along with Berkshire’s stellar customer service.

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Affirmative Action Plan Requirements

For companies who wish to outsource their affirmative action plan preparation, Berkshire offers affirmative action consulting services to get their plans completed. We become a part of the team, handling the minute details, so you can focus more on “big picture” goals and objectives. Our experienced consultants have mastered the ins-and-outs of the latest Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) regulations, ensuring you receive a technically compliant plan with all affirmative action requirements and components.

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2019 Data Preparation Checklist 

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Affirmative action plan preparation services include:

  • Stellar customer service including unlimited phone and email support to answer your questions
  • A review of the data submitted to Berkshire
  • Assistance with resolving data errors and inconsistencies
  • Numerous data quality tests to ensure plan accuracy
  • Development of job group analysis and organizational profile
  • Determining recruitment areas and feeder groups 
  • Conducting internal and external availability calculations
  • Determining incumbency vs. estimated availability
  • Developing placement goals for the current plan year
  • Evaluating goal attainment from the previous year
  • Generating data analysis reports for Individuals with Disabilities (IWD) and Veterans
  • Calculating IWD utilization and VETS hiring benchmark results
  • Calculating adverse impact on personnel actions
  • Completing all required narratives

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OFCCP Audit Defense & Support

OFCCP audits require specialized skills to navigate, especially with the agency increasing its enforcement efforts. Partnering with Berkshire offers you the most effective audit support available. Our specialists routinely support clients in OFCCP audits and are likely to predict the agency’s requests. Berkshire provides polished submission binders to all clients who receive an OFCCP audit during their plan year. Consultants will provide a complimentary analysis of the plan and recommended next steps. During the audit our consultants partner with clients to provide guidance, keep them informed of their rights, correct addressable issues, and lessen any negative impact of OFCCP findings.

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Audit support services include:

  • Audit plan preparation designed to limit corporate liability, and OFCCP inquiry
  • Detailed plan summary with highlighted areas of concern and recommendations
  • Research and support data for areas of adverse impact and OFCCP requests including
    running analysis by favored group
  • Management reporting to prepare for onsite visits and communicate corporate policies
  • Review of current practices and recommendations for complete compliance

Adverse Impact Analysis

In addition to outsourcing your affirmative action plan, companies can choose to add further adverse impact analyses to their services.


adverse impact analysisBerkshire can conveniently conduct adverse impact analysis on personnel activities including: pay increases, bonus distributions, performance ratings, promotions, terminations, and applicant flow. Our consultants prepare reports detailing results of statistical analyses and provide expert advice on how to ensure personnel decisions are not inadvertently resulting in patterns of discrimination.

Berkshire recommends human resources proactively and periodically conduct adverse impact analyses, as it is best to be aware of problems before bigger issues arise. More importantly, a plan of action can be developed to remedy issues...ensuring your company is safeguarded against harmful personnel decisions, lawsuits, claims, and hefty payouts.

Whether you’re an outsourcing client or not, Berkshire can perform Adverse Impact Analyses that goes beyond the AAP plan structure.

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BALANCEaap Software

BBalanceAAP-LogoNoSpacealanceAAP is a secure, web-based application that gives you more than traditional software. It gives you the freedom, flexibility, and power to create your own 100% technically compliant AAP…right from the web. BalanceAAP affirmative action software contains all the features needed to fully manage and monitor your compliance objectives. Including anytime, anywhere access, online collaboration capability, and regulatory updates. Its step-by-step Guide Me feature and easy navigation makes balanceAAP easy for users of all levels.

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BalanceAAP Also Includes FREE Access to balanceREACH



EEO-1 and VETS Reporting

There are two additional reporting requirements for federal contractors, the EEO-1 and VETS-4212 report. The EEOC requires federal contractors to submit an EEO-1 report annually for all covered establishments. This report includes information on the number of employees at each establishment, categorized by race/ethnicity, gender, and EEO-1 category.

Additionally, the Veterans Employment and Training Service (VETS) require federal contractors to submit the VETS-4212 report annually. These reports include information on the number of Veterans employed and hired at each establishment, reported by EEO-1 category and Veteran status. OFCCP routinely requests a copy of these reports as part of their compliance review of federal contractors.

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EEO-1 and VETS-4212 Reports Services 

  • Review data sent to us to ensure we have all required data elements
  • Determine the proper filing method for multiple establishment employers
  • Parse data by establishment
  • For the EEO-1 reports, create the Establishment report(s) and the Headquarters report
  • For the VETS-4212 reports, create the Establishment report(s) and the Headquarters report
  • Berkshire can submit these reports electronically, on behalf of a company, through the EEOC and VETS websites.

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