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Work Smarter, Not Harder.

Small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) like you, asked for a powerful recruitment solution that your HR professionals can use to streamline their recruiting processes and get talent in the door – faster. Berkshire responded to your needs with balanceTRAK, the applicant tracking system designed to help you work smarter, not harder.


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Attract The Best Candidates

balanceTRAK was built to streamline the recruiting process for SMBs, and that starts with attracting the best candidates to your organization. 

How can balanceTRAK help small and midsize businesses attract the best candidates?

  • Seamless integration with the top Job Boards such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor lets candidates find you where they prefer to search.

  • Integrations with social media sites enable your organization and your employees to broadcast positions within their own networks to generate referred candidates.

  • Custom and separate career pages help you tailor your messaging to external candidates vs. your internal employees.

  • Video enhanced job descriptions provide the prospective candidate an inside view of your company and work environment.

  • Job Description Short Summaries allow you to focus on the key highlights of the job instead of the official long and formal Job Descriptions from HR.

  • Candidate source tracking will help you identify the best candidate sources and evaluate ROI.
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Avoid Talent Dropoff

It can be frustrating to lose candidates after you’ve invested time in the interview process. A powerful metrics engine can help you identify delays in your hiring process and monitor progress towards improved engagement.

  • Among our most popular features is balanceTRAK's two-way Communication Center, which supports texting and email

  • You can shorten the application
    process by using knockout questions and automating the response to the candidates, letting them know upfront if they have the minimum qualifications.










Engage Your Applicants

How can balanceTRAK help your SMB improve candidate engagement? 

  • Candidate pools enable you to search your entire talent group of qualified candidates for new positions, easily invite them to apply, and provide gentle reminders to candidates who have started but not completed parts of the hiring process. 

  • Automated communication options are easy to configure in balanceTRAK – triggered by key events in the application process – letting you save time, while keeping candidates engaged.

  • Prompt and personalized communication through text and email enhance engagement and boost the candidate experience. 

  • Email templates allow consistency in communication with candidates across all departments. 

  • Dashboard Analytics offer a window into your application drop-off rates to help you better understand at what point in the process potential candidates are dropping off. This allows you to improve your hiring process in real time. 

Evaluate Candidates Efficiently

How can balanceTRAK help SMBs streamline the evaluation and selection process?  

  • The automated prescreening process allows you to screen out candidates lacking the specific requirements you are looking for while prioritizing the most qualified applicants.  
  • Easy keyword matching and complex resume search keeps your candidate evaluation process moving along. 
  • Custom interview and assessment forms enable your managers to evaluate each candidate’s qualifications in a consistent manner. 
  • Use one of balanceTRAK’S integrated partners to expedite assessments and background screenings, or connect your own preferred provider.
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Bring it Home

Once you’ve decided on the right candidate, you want the hiring process to be as smooth as possible.

With balanceTRAK, you can send offer letters seamlessly, easily on-board your new staff members, and reap the results of a consistent and engaging hiring effort.

Hire Without the Hassle

Improve your hiring process with: 

  • Offer letter templates simplify the hiring process. 
  • Workflows enable candidates to accept and decline offers electronically. 
  • The Silver Medalist feature makes it easy to find qualified candidates for future positions.

  • Robust reporting and tracking of when and to whom offers were extended assists in monitoring your hiring process. 
  • Onboarding processes such as I9 and E-Verify are just a click away, using Berkshire’s partners. 

  • A robust and flexible API allows your candidate and new hire data can be integrated easily with any HRIS, allowing your systems to communicate seamlessly

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