How Do Videos Benefit Your Recruitment Process?

Videos can help organizations improve several facets of their recruiting aspects. There are many way...

Posted by Berkshire on September 4 2015
recrutiment videos
Videos can help organizations improve several facets of their recruiting aspects.

There are many ways employers can improve their job postings web page, but HR professionals agree: recruitment videos are a must. But videos don’t just optimize a job posting, they can also be an impactful part of the interview process itself. For any organization looking to attract more applicants and higher-caliber candidates, videos play an integral role.

“The mere presence of a video increases the average time on page.”

Keep candidates on your job page longer
In SEO terms, one of the most important metrics is “average time on page.” Unsurprisingly, this measurement shows how long the average user spends on a given web page. The longer the time spent, the more likely the user is to act on whatever the website is offering. For candidates on a job page, more time spent looking at the listing means a higher chance of that person sending in an application.

As it turns out, the mere presence of a video increases the average time on page—even if the user doesn’t play the video. If the candidate does watch the video, the time spent on page jumps higher again. According to data compiled by Ongig, the average time on page for video job ads was 2 minutes 54 seconds, compared with 55 seconds for those pages without a video. Furthermore, the average time spent on pages where the video job ad was actually played increased to 5 minutes 23 seconds.

The longer you can maintain a candidate’s attention, the higher the chance of imparting a positive message. If the candidate decides to submit his or her résumé, you can use video again, for a different purpose.

recruitment videos
Why not conduct your interviews through videoconference?

Jump start the recruitment process with video interviews
With the rise of work from home, videoconferences, and applicant tracking systems, there’s no reason some of the interview process can’t happen remotely. In fact, research shows employers who leverage video interviews as one of the initial steps in the hiring process are able reach a decision faster.

According to CIO, one engineering company uses a service to conduct a video pre-screen as soon as the candidate submits his or her résumé.

“This is a breakthrough for the company,” Dave Sinclair, corporate recruiting manager for Henkels and McCoy, told CIO. “We recruit people from around the world and others who are road warriors. Coordination of interviews can take months, but with a tool like this, we can kick off the interview process 24/7, regardless of geography.”

Video has the benefit of providing a closer, more personal connection between interviewer and candidate, but it can also help with scheduling. For firms like Sinclair’s that attract applicants from all across the world, in-person interviews can be nearly impossible to set up. But with a videoconference, an organization can confidently conduct an interview from the other side of the world.

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Whether it’s a way to bring more eyes to your job posting, or as a way to speed up and optimize your hiring process, videos are what separate organizations with the best hiring practices from everyone else.

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