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Applicant tracking systems help employers save time and money, attract better candidates, and comply...

Posted by Berkshire on June 10 2015
applicant tracking system
Applicant tracking systems help employers save time and money, attract better candidates, and comply with hiring regulations.

The recruitment and hiring process can be a grueling one. As an employer, you must post a job listing in all the right places, process an array of applications, vet every résumé, contact the candidates, engage in effective outreach practices, and so on. To place this burden squarely on an HR department is a lot, particularly for smaller companies seeking to grow.

But this is the modern era, and there are ways to leverage digital tools to relieve some of the recruiting burden. That’s where an applicant tracking system (ATS) comes in—by using this technology, employers like you can get the most out of your candidate search and optimize your HR center. Here are three ways web-based applicant tracking can really help:

“You can get the most out of your candidate search by using an ATS.”

1. Save time and money
Growing a business requires spending capital—there are no two ways around it. But you need to be smart about where you invest. Thumbing through stacks of résumés is not where you should direct your money or your staff’s time. However, by incorporating an ATS, you can bypass much of that legwork. The best of these systems will sort through applications, enter relevant data, and push through those candidates who meet your basic requirements.

2. Attract better candidates
One common knock against recruiting software is that it will force out decent applicants whose résumés lack adequate keyword use or other applicant tracking system requirements. But increasingly, job seekers and the software are adapting and improving, according to HireRight. Now, applicants realize their résumé may be vetted by an ATS and they are advised to communicate their skills in a more optimal way. That makes for better applicants and clearer résumés.

applicant tracking system
An ATS can help HR find the right candidate.

3. Help comply with regulations
There are many hiring rules and regulations which every employer must consider, and an ATS system is not a catch-all solution. But when it comes to ensuring your job posting attracts applicants of diverse backgrounds, this software can be an invaluable tool, said Recruiting Daily. That’s because a recruitment tracking system will not only provide data on who submits an application, but can also help you adjust your posting to reach a broader category of job seekers and provide necessary information in the event of an audit.

Nothing will replace your HR department or effectively emulate the human touch. But an ATS will help your HR team do their job even better, and land valuable hires who will help your business succeed. Want to learn about out one of the best applicant tracking systems on the market? Visit www.balancetrak.com now!

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