Recruiting Veterans this Veterans Day

An estimated 250,000 service members transition into civilian life every year, and half of them will...

Posted by Lisa Farrell, Marketing Manager on May 21 2019
Lisa Farrell, Marketing Manager

An estimated 250,000 service members transition into civilian life every year, and half of them will seek civilian employment. Once completing their service, these individuals want to try their hand at working in the civilian workforce. Despite their efforts and potential, they often face an uphill battle.

Many organizations are open to the idea of hiring Veterans but overlook their strategy to gain Veteran interest. Sure, we all want the perfect candidate but are we doing what it takes to attract them to our organization? It is important to regularly evaluate your recruitment strategy to ensure it meets your target candidate.

To help your organization recruit top Veterans entering the civilian workforce, keep these four recruitment practices in mind this Veteran’s Day:

  • Market your organization as “Military Friendly.” Let Veteran candidates know you have an interest in the military community. Highlight your current Veteran employees or perks that may interest Veterans to gain trust from the military community.
  • Use your networks. It’s not always what you know but who you know. Your connection to the military community could be right under your nose. It could be a current employee or team member, or your connection could be at your fingertips with sites like LinkedIn. Make sure as you establish those connections and networks, you maintain them. Your organization may not be in the market for Veterans now but who knows what you may need in the future.
  • Speak their language. When creating your job posts or advertising consider using military language. Veterans want to know how their current skills will translate into the civilian workforce. Adding military language to the job post description can help them see the potential transition.
  • Use outside resources. Recruiters often have a standard list of job boards they use for job postings. This list may not be military friendly. Consider websites like,,, and, to reach military applicants. The best part is these websites will let you post your open position for free.

Hiring Veterans can be a win-win for both your organization and the candidates. Putting these highly skilled, disciplined, and detail-oriented self-starters will help your organization ultimately reach its goals.

Berkshire Associates would like to thank the men and women of the Armed Forces, and the families who support their service, on this Veterans Day.

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