Case Study: Admiral Beverage Company Improves Processes w. BALANCEtrak

Reducing cost and improving efficiency become increasingly important as companies grow. Recruitment ...

Posted by Berkshire on February 3 2016

Reducing cost and improving efficiency become increasingly important as companies grow. Recruitment and Human Resources are areas where logistics, volume, and competition intersect. For these groups, the ability to move quickly is key. Otherwise, the departments face losing existing talent, failing to attract new candidates, being outpaced by competition, and costing the organization money in the process. Read more for a first-hand look at how Admiral Bevarage Company increased applicants, retained top talent, and saved time and money with BALANCEtrak, Berkshire’s easy-to-use applicant tracking system:

Outdated applicant tracking costs time, money, productivity

Prior to 2012, Admiral Beverage Company faced a problem—as production increased, so did hiring demands for the company. The bottling company had long been a key partner with corporations like PepsiCo and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, with over 30 locations operating in eight states ranging from Alaska to New Mexico. Admiral Beverage Company has approximately 2,000 employees and hires around 400 people per year. In the years leading up to 2012, the company had undergone significant growth. As a result, their recruiting and hiring processes were in dire need of improvement.

“There were several problems,” explained Senior Human Resource Manager, Jeff Clark. “Paper applications were clumsy, hard to keep track of, and hard to administer. The time spent by managers tracking every applicant was difficult and time-consuming. We had a number of challenges in our old system.”

Still, Clark and his team didn’t find a solution all at once. Though they knew they needed a better option, it took time to realize their traditional, paper-based application methods were going to ultimately become more costly than the upfront expenditures associated with implementing something new. By 2012, however, Admiral Beverage Company reached the point where something had to be done.

Paper applications are time-consuming, inconvenient, and outdated.

Applicant tracking software promises improvements
Clark learned of the solutions offered by Berkshire Associates—specifically, the advantages of their web-based applicant tracking system (ATS), BALANCEtrak, which takes the logistical work associated with recruiting, tracking, and hiring, and moves it from ink-and-paper to a digital application. The platform streamlines the process and allows staff to be more productive. Though any product comes with an initial cost, Clark was confident BALANCEtrak would ultimately pay off.

“It was like ripping a Band-Aid off,” Clark said. “We had grown considerably in the five or six years leading up to that, and it was getting tougher and tougher to manage our hiring process.”

The true value in Berkshire’s platform is it’s a better means of collecting data and streamlining HR operations. That means Clark’s team has been able to adjust their own process to better align with the new platform. Part of that was using Berkshire’s reliable implementation and support team to help configure BALANCEtrak to best suit Admiral Beverage Company’s internal processes. Rather than installing the software and leaving the rest to their client, Berkshire partnered with the company to make sure they covered every need, including the essential background check—a necessary and vital step in any good hiring process. In this particular case, Admiral Beverage Company was already using a trusted background check provider. To accommodate the company, Berkshire integrated the third-party company with BALANCEtrak in less than 10 days, to create an intuitive, streamlined solution.

New hiring processes drive efficiency
As a direct result of BALANCEtrak’s automatic job posting features, Admiral Beverage Company receives 20 percent more applicants. Additionally, their jobs are filled faster—where it used to take a month or more to find the right candidate, now that process lasts only 10 to 15 days. Clark is also confident his company has been able to attract a higher-caliber candidate by using this ATS, or, at the very least, “thin the herd” of applicants to only the select few who fit the requirements.

BALANCEtrak has also made life easier for employees. In one instance, an employee wanted to transfer from one location to another. Using BALANCEtrak, he was able to identify exactly when his ideal position became available, apply for it through the software’s internal application tool, and transfer within two months to the new location closer to his home.

As Clark put it, “Admiral Beverage Company wanted to find a system that made the software a part of the system, rather than their system a part of the software. Berkshire was flexible in making that happen and continues to provide troubleshooting and support whenever necessary.” Admiral Beverage Company did their due diligence in looking into other systems, but found them to be a poor fit for their needs. Some were unavailable after installation, preferring to sell a package deal with little to no customization. Many would have been unwilling to accept the company’s background check provider—a partner Admiral Beverage Company had been in business with for over 20 years. Berkshire Associates’ BALANCEtrak was able to accommodate all of Admiral Beverage Company’s needs.


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