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Berkshire Associates Compensation Solutions


Compensation & Pay Equity

We are pay equity experts that help companies chart the right path to fair and consistent pay practices. 


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Pay Equity Analyses

Berkshire offers a flexible, customized approach to proactive internal pay equity analyses. Our experts examine your salary data using the most advanced statistical analyses.

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How Your Company Benefits

Recent pay equity activity leave companies looking for a clear understanding of what to do in light of new requirements. Berkshire’s consultants have a deep understanding and extensive experience with pay equity laws. As a trusted advisor, Berkshire guides clients through interpreting regulations, and advising on practices necessary to remain compliant. Click here to inquire about how Berkshire can assist you with pay equity, or click here to view brochure.


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A complete pay equity review includes the following:

  • Statistical significance tests, including t-tests, Fisher’s Exact, or Rank Sum
  • Cohort analysis
  • Multiple regression analysis
  • Statistical cohort analysis
  • Expert interpretation of results
  • Recommendations for further statistical analysis



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The Value of our Expertise

  • Berkshire’s firm is one of the oldest and most respected in the industry.
  • Berkshire’s consultants have a combined 75 years of experience working in various industries. As a result, we have a track record of success across business sectors. 
  • With over 1,000 clients, Berkshire regularly defends against OFCCP evaluations regarding pay. 
  • Our consultants are certified professionals with an “inside” perspective on OFCCP compliance.
  • Berkshire consultants are highly respected industry thought leaders. They present at national industry conferences and associations, and are constantly in demand.
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Scope of Our Services


Berkshire gives you end-to-end solutions including: 

  • Initial consultation and information-gathering session
  • An option to work under attorney-client privilege
  • Preliminary pay equity analysis to identify possible problem areas
  • A report with recommendations on how to address problem areas
  • Development of a compensation architecture built to red flag pay inequities




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Compensation  Brochures

We have an extensive library of company services and product brochures. If you do not see what you are looking for let us know Email Us: bai@berkshireassociates.com 


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Market Surveys

Using your job descriptions or job analyses data, Berkshire will gather compensation data from leading industry market surveys based on company size, annual revenue, location, and industry. We provide you with weighted aggregate results that enable you to establish competitive salary models for your industry and geographic region.

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Market Surveys Berkshire Associates

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Base Pay Grade Structures

A base pay grade structure means consistent practices and a solid framework.


Berkshire’s expert compensation consultants will design your base pay salary ranges using an internal job evaluation and/or external market analysis methodologies. Through our highly collaborative approach, we create internally equitable and externally competitive base pay grade structures specifically for you. Your customized pay grades are included in a Salary Administration Manual complete with procedures and electronic worksheets for ongoing administration of your plan.

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