OFCCP Announces Contractor Award Recognition Program

Posted by Lynn A. Clements, Director, Regulatory Affairs on September 7 2018

OFCCP  Contractor Award Recognition Program blog

Based on feedback received from contractors in 2017 and early 2018, the OFCCP announced plans to create a federal contractor recognition program in a new Directive issued August 24, 2018. The new Directive, Directive 2018-06, Contractor Recognition Programs, can be accessed here.

Consistent with this Administration’s focus on achieving voluntary compliance, the new Directive notes that OFCCP believes it can best protect workers from nondiscrimination by a dual approach of enforcement and compliance assistance. The Directive does not include a specific timetable for the introduction of new recognition programs but notes that the agency is developing a “contractor recognition program that highlights implementable best or model contractor practices, a contractor mentoring program that uses contractors to help their peers improve compliance, and other initiatives that provide opportunities for contractors to collaborate or provide feedback to OFCCP on its compliance assistance efforts.”

As more information becomes available about OFCCP’s efforts to recognize contractor best practices, we will post it here.New Call-to-action

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