Attract Top Talent with These Three Strategies

On average, only five candidates will be called in for an interview, Glassdoor reported. This leaves...

Posted by Berkshire on February 26 2016
On average, only five candidates will be called in for an interview, Glassdoor reported. This leaves HR spending massive amounts of energy on less than ideal candidates, only to find the handful of elite talent diverse_one_person_interview.jpghiding in the pile of résumés.

By attracting more top talent to job listings, HR’s job is made much easier to accomplish, and corporate gets a better pool of qualified employees. Here are some strategies to boost the quality of résumés you receive:

Hire faster
Job seekers hold a certain disdain for companies that don’t respond or get back to them quickly enough. It’s a sign your company may be putting out a false brand image and things in the office move at a snail’s pace.

“Others may view your slow hiring as a mirror of the speed in which you make business decisions, and drop out because they expect faster decision making,” Dr. John Sullivan, a renowned HR expert, wrote on EREMedia.

Top talent is a commodity—the quality is sparse and the quantity is fleeting. Use an applicant tracking system (ATS) for your job listings so you can set search parameters for identifying elite résumés and respond to them faster. Sifting through them by hand is outdated and by the time you finally get to their résumé, they’ll have already accepted another job offer.

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Consult current employees
Vetting top talent through your best employees is one of the greatest ways to attract candidates of that stature. Think about it—if you’re one of the best in your field, and you find a job opening at a company that’s respected in the industry, it makes sense to reach out to a current employee to ask how his or her experience is going.

“Talented individuals want to work with top talent, so showcasing the all-stars already on your team can help validate why other high-quality candidates should hop on board,” Taso Du Val, CEO of technology network Toptal, told Business News Daily.

After posting a job listing, consider taking a few employees aside to ask them if they have anyone in mind to fill it. Most often a worker will and the connection between the two will bode well for your hiring process.

Go mobile
If your career portal isn’t optimized for mobile job searches, you’re losing out on a significant portion of the talent field. According to Glassdoor, 45 percent of job seekers search on their phone once a day while 89 percent think a phone is a valuable tool for doing so.

Make sure your career portal allows clients to do everything they would be able to do on a desktop—search the listings, contact HR, and even conduct video interviews. In the end, attracting top talent comes down to being able to accommodate them—they shouldn’t have to struggle to find your listing or apply.

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