Dear Berkshire: How Should I Track Unqualified Applicants for My AAP?

The following content was developed as part of our new blog column, “Dear Berkshire.” Instead of try...

Posted by Carla Spriggs on March 14 2024
Carla Spriggs

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The following content was developed as part of our new blog column, “Dear Berkshire.” Instead of trying to anticipate the challenges you're facing at work, we’re going straight to the source. Every several weeks, one of our expert consultants will answer a specific question about compliance, regulatory changes, and affirmative action -- submitted by HR professionals like you!

Q: When we post position openings on INDEED website, we often receive resumes for unqualified candidates that will not be considered. Must those be included in our Applicant Log for AAP purposes?

A: Job seekers deemed unqualified or not considered by the contractor must be retained by the contractor under recordkeeping requirements, but do not need to be included in the AAP. The AAP process requires the use of detailed disposition codes to identify which job seekers should be included in the required analyses of hiring activity. Disposition codes identify the reason each candidate was not selected (i.e. did not meet basic qualifications, not considered, withdrew from process, etc.) and the step of the hiring process where this decision was made (i.e. phone screen, interview, etc.). The job seekers records coded as unqualified and not considered must be retained by the contractor to fulfill recordkeeping requirements but they do not need to be included in the selection analysis that is included in the AAP.

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Carla Spriggs
Carla Spriggs
With over 20 years' experience in HR, Carla Spriggs is an HR consultant at Berkshire who works with federal contractors of all sizes to develop affirmative action plans and ensure compliance with a wide range of regulations.

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