How an ATS Can Help Cast a Wide Recruitment Net

If you’re only using one or two resources to recruit candidates for a job, research suggests you cou...

Posted by Berkshire on June 2 2016

If you’re only using one or two resources to recruit candidates for a job, research suggests you could be missing out on a large number of résumés. An applicant tracking system (ATS) allows HR and recruitment professionals recruitmentto cover all of their bases.

How far should you cast your net?
In the age of information, it makes sense for job seekers to use as many listing websites as possible to find a job. In the same vein, recruiting specialists should try to match candidates’ paths as a means of offering a job listing to as many people as possible.

Recent Career Builder research shows the average job seeker uses at least 16 resources in their job search. HR departments still relying on manual processes may find this to be a startling revelation, but the truth is most recruiting specialists have the tools to cover the whole outfield. If you haven’t switched the game plan to include an ATS, your company could be missing out on elite talent simply because of a failure to adapt to new trends.

applicant trackingHuman resources specialists must adapt their recruiting strategies to align it with those of job seekers.

What do you need from your ATS?
When it comes down to it, you want as many qualified candidates as possible for a job listing. This is a no-brainer. Yet the two largest obstacles to increasing company headcount were shortage of candidates and lengthy hiring process, according to an MRI Network Recruiter Sentiment Study.

In an age where everyone is connected, there shouldn’t ever be a shortage of résumés for a job listing. There are a score of websites available to job seekers, meaning HR specialists should have their eye on them as well. It’s hard to cover all of the bases manually, which is why many HR departments are turning to an ATS for support.

An ATS can automate job postings across as many websites as a recruiter wishes, and it also categorizes the résumé based on how qualified it is in accordance to the criteria on the listing. After you receive a list of candidates, the system can then automatically reply to each one—this gives you valuable time to prepare documents to be sent off, and questions for interviews.

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If companies want to vet as much qualified talent as possible for each open position moving forward, it is imperative to understand the tendencies of job seekers. They use multiple resources to find jobs to apply to, so if you’re just focusing on one or two areas of exposure, you’re ideal candidate is likely to miss your company’s listing. Take advantage of an ATS and cast a wider net to get the hire you desire.

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