HR Technology Trends: How Organizations Can Mobilize Job Applications

It is essential companies adapt their application processes to the growing number of mobile users. T...

Posted by Berkshire on July 10 2015
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It is essential companies adapt their application processes to the growing number of mobile users.

Think of where you do most of your Internet browsing. Is it on a home computer while sitting in your living room? Or is it on your phone or tablet while riding the subway, waiting in line, taking a lunch break, and so on? For many people, the second answer is closer to the truth. Increasingly, folks rely on their personal devices for Internet searching rather than PCs or even laptops. As this trend continues, mobile devices will only gain ground over computers as the primary means of Internet browsing. So how does this impact the HR recruitment process?

For organizations seeking new, talented employees, the ability to recognize this changing technology landscape is essential. It will soon be necessary these companies adapt their application processes to the growing number of mobile users to ensure their job postings and online application processes are effective.

recruitment process
Job seekers want a better mobile application process.

Organizations prepare for more job applications through mobile devices
In September 2014 a survey from Censuswide indicated 78 percent of American job seekers would apply for a position through their mobile devices if the process was simpler. And it isn’t just the younger generations who are seeking a better mobile job search experience—72 percent of job seekers ages 35 to 44 use their mobile device, as well as 54 percent of those aged 45 to 54 and 35 percent of people over 55.

These numbers represent a huge opportunity for companies to break into a largely untapped market. It doesn’t even require a mobile app—an organization need only optimize its website for mobile use and the application process will be much easier.

“There is a shortage of organizations with mobile job application capabilities.”

Few companies have optimized job application processes
Not only is the job market full of potential candidates willing to apply through mobile devices, there is also a shortage of organizations with the corresponding capabilities. At 2013’s Mobile Recruiting Insights Conference, a mere 26 of the Fortune 500 companies offered a mobile job application process, according to Mashable. While that number has likely increased since the conference, there is still a large amount of companies without that option. This also means the companies that do step up their mobile strategies will be more likely to have their pick of the top candidates.

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“It’s a fact more people are using their mobile devices to search and apply for jobs than ever before,” says Manoj Tiwari, VP of Software Development at Berkshire Associates. “Companies need to ensure their application processes are optimized to meet this new demand and make it convenient for people from every walk of life to apply for jobs easily.”

There are also tools companies can use to help measure how effective their mobile job processes are. By using applicant tracking software, an organization can determine which avenues are attracting the most candidates, which demographics are likely to use certain channels, and how its job postings might be improved to bring in a better group of applicants. Want to learn about out one of the best applicant tracking systems on the market? Visit now!

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