It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yes, it’s that time again, to reflect on all the accomplishments of the year and those things that d...

Posted by Berkshire on December 19 2018

Berkshire Holiday Carol Blog (1)Yes, it’s that time again, to reflect on all the accomplishments of the year and those things that despite the best of intentions, were still left undone. Through several happy meetings and scary ghost stories of AAPs past, coworkers have told you to be of good cheer. So, let’s take a look at your list to see if you will be caroling at the holiday dinner party or cleaning coal from your desk.

Stave One—The ghost of plans past:

Applicant Data. Is your applicant data finally reflective of your hires? Do you have:

  • Applicant pools with a good ratio to hires?
  • Disposition codes that explain the status and reason for hiring decision?
  • Recruiters and hiring managers that have the same understanding of those disposition codes? and follow the internet applicant definition?
  • Data that distinguishes internal from external applicants?
  • Requisitions that have only one job title and for a specific location?
  • A minimum number of evergreen requisitions that are closed based on a pre-determined period of time?

Stave Two—The ghost of plans present:

Tracking good faith efforts for Veterans and Individuals with Disabilities (IWD).Can you assess the organization’s recruitment activities targeted toward Veterans and IWD by successfully:

  • Tracking the recruitment efforts conducted by employees?
  • Having the recruiters/hiring managers indicate whether the effort worked?
  • Creating an annual assessment of the company’s efforts?
  • Preparing to give an overall assessment of your good faith efforts and can determine what should be continued and what should be modified?
  • Preparing to provide the assessment of good faith efforts without delay?

Stave Three—The ghost of plans future:

December 31 looms like a snowstorm. Are you prepared to provide the end of the year reports for the annual AAP and EEO-1 reporting in March? As you pull your data be sure to confirm:

  • Deadlines for reporting changes have been communicated.
  • The export is ready to be run at the end of the plan year.
  • Any issues revealed in last year’s plan have been addressed.
  • Personnel/HRIS are ready and available so the annual plan can be completed ASAP.
  • For locations on the Audit “heads up” list: any issues in the current plans have been reviewed, and the new plans can be given special attention.
  • The list of current locations including those that opened and closed during the year is ready or being compiled.

    Download Checklist

Being prepared will change the way you view plans. The scary ghost stories of AAPs past will turn into tales of glory.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year–happy holidays to you and yours from Berkshire!

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