Key Takeaways from the OFCCP Academic Institution Town Hall

On Wednesday October 23, Berkshire had the opportunity to attend the OFCCP Academic Institution Town...

Posted by Michiko Lynch, HR Consultant on October 28 2019
Michiko Lynch, HR Consultant

OFCCP Announces Town Hall (2)On Wednesday October 23, Berkshire had the opportunity to attend the OFCCP Academic Institution Town Hall held in Washington, DC. The format of the Town Hall was more of a focus group, with members from the higher ed community, to give their feedback on the recent Technical Assistance Guide (TAG) that was recently published by the OFCCP. The town hall also presented an opportunity for key players to voice where they believe the OFCCP should be heading in the future when it comes to academic institutions.

The event was coordinated by a neutral facilitator and there were a few OFCCP members in attendance, including Director Leen, who opened up the Town Hall with a brief introduction to the day, including a mention that Colleges & Universities will be on the Spring 2020 Corporate Scheduling Announcement List (CSAL),

Here are a few takeaways from Berkshire’s experience at this event.

Functional AAPs (FAAPs)- There are still a lot of questions surrounding this topic for colleges and universities. Based on feedback heard during the town hall, more clarity is needed to ensure a full understanding for all parties of what a FAAP would look like for a higher ed institution.

Faculty- The OFCCP heard that  the word ‘Faculty’ can mean more than one thing depending on the institution.

Specialty Departments (such as Athletics) From contractual agreements to bonuses and allowances, all were concerns that were voiced during this forum to the agency.

The higher ed community did not hold back and brought great concerns to the attention of the OFCCP members that were in attendance regarding topics in the TAG. For a more comprehensive overview of the OFCCP’s Educational Institutions Technical Assistance Guide, check out our webinar breakdown of the new guide and suggestions on how you can apply it to your institution. 

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