Latest Jobs Report Shows Need for Sweeping Hiring Methods

The most recent jobs report for May shows momentary waning employment growth, according to the lates...

The most recent jobs report for May shows momentary waning employment growth, according to the latest applicant tracking systemBureau of Labor Statistics data—but what does this mean for recruiting specialists?

Difficult to hire
While you can't predict the future based on one month, you can certainly derive trends from it moving forward. According to Tara Sinclair, chief economist for Indeed, the coming months will prove one part of the following statement true.

"Either the political landscape and global concerns are holding employers back from hiring, or people don't want the available jobs," Sinclair told the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

It may never be known what the meaning behind last month's dip in hiring progress stems from—though many attribute it partially to the Verizon worker's strike. However, one thing is clear—HR specialists need to reevaluate the methods they use to hire, as each new job listing will present challenges when it comes to finding a talented candidate. Competition for applicants is fierce in a candidate-driven field, and those who are willing to change up the game plan will shine.

Don't let people slip through the cracks
The downfalls of forgetting to respond to a candidate are multiplicative in this day and age, which is why in this job situation it's imperative to respond to every applicant. Emailing hopefuls to let them know whether they will move on to the next round takes just a few seconds, and it can create positive feedback on your company's social networks. In the same vein, keeping constant contact with job seekers will give you an inventory of people to vet should a position open up in the future.

In essence, you're trying to create a funnel of talent should your company need to fill a new position. This can only be done by staying active, which is why an applicant tracking system (ATS) is a modern recruiter's best friend. An ATS allows you to send out mass responses instantly based on rankings given to each résumé.

applicant tracking system

Once you have people in the door, make their experiences work for your company. The onboarding process should be fun—like opening a new gift, Dane Hurtubise, Vice President of new initiatives at Greenhouse explained.

"Imagine getting that iPhone, and you're opening up the box for the first time and it kind of has that magical feeling to it," Hurtubise told SHRM. "We think onboarding can provide a similar opportunity for employers to create excitement around the company and the new hire's role."

Use a mix of video, in-person exercises and employee bonding experiences to build the formula to onboarding success. All of this should work to improve your company's brand awareness on websites like Glassdoor, which can help to create appeal for future job listings and further develop your passive recruiting candidate pool.

While it may be partially unclear why employment growth numbers are down, recruiters can avoid any losses in applicant volumes by maintaining an effective, communicative hiring process and elevate their corporate brand to maintain a steady flow of talent for job listings.

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