OFCCP Partners with ODEP

This week, OFCCP announced that the Office of Disability Employment Services (ODEP) published the re...

Posted by Julie Dominguez, HR Consultant on June 12 2020

OFCCP Partners with ODEPThis week, OFCCP announced that the Office of Disability Employment Services (ODEP) published the results of its 2018 Survey of Employer Policies on the Employment of People with Disabilities. This survey has collected information on the participating employers’ recruitment efforts. In addition, the press release states that the survey collects information that speaks to the employer’s attitudes toward people with disabilities. According to the Final Report, ODEP uses the key findings of the survey to create meaningful pathways for the recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities.

OFCCP partners with ODEP to be able to use those same key findings during compliance evaluations to help federal contactors in addition to providing overall compliance assistance. The press release also reminds the contractor community it was this partnership that garnered the OFCCP’s Excellence in Disability Inclusion award to spotlight those federal contractors who “exemplify the spirit of disability inclusion”.

Links are provided to the complete Final Report as well as briefs on inclusion in workplace policy/practices, effectiveness of the implementation of practices/policies, and on attitudes of employers towards people with disabilities. Employers should consider reading the report and the briefs well ahead of receiving notice of an audit to  enhance the recruitment and hiring of individuals with disabilities, to gain insight on barriers to fostering an environment of inclusivity for people with disabilities, and/or to enhance future affirmative action planning for people with disabilities.

Julie Dominguez, HR Consultant
Julie Dominguez, HR Consultant
With her appointment as HR Consultant in November 2018, Julie has brought a unique set of skills and knowledge to Berkshire and its clients, adding depth to our consulting staff in matters of law and public policy, while also bringing an insider understanding of Affirmative Action, diversity, and inclusion from the university client’s perspective. Her location in Indiana also extends Berkshire’s ability to participate in regional Industry Liaison Groups (ILGs), helping our team better understand regulatory and enforcement trends across the nation to better advise our clients.

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