Posted by Lauren Collinson, Sr Communications Specialist on October 13 2015
Lauren Collinson, Sr Communications Specialist

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Published: October 2015

It’s been quite the year of compliance trends and updates for Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP), and there doesn’t seem to be any signs of things slowing down. Federal contractors and
subcontractors are feeling the pressure to keep their practices up-to-date and compliant. One area OFCCP is still very focused on is audits. With that in mind, there are several compliance trends that are critical for contractors to be aware of right now to proactively prepare for a potential OFCCP audit.

From the new compensation pay transparency guidelines to the use of arrest and conviction records, there are a lot of areas OFCCP is focusing on currently during audits. To better understand these compliance trends, Berkshire has developed an informative white paper, “OFCCP’s Top Compliance Trends: What the Contractor Community Needs to Know.”

Click here now to access this informative HR white paper, and get expert insights and recommendations on the following compliance trends:

  • Compensation Discrimination
  • Pay Transparency
  • Section 503 and VEVRAA
  • LGBT Enforcement
  • Use of Arrest and Conviction Records
  • Placement Analyses

Contractors need to be aware of OFCCP’s top compliance trends in order to reduce liability for their organizations. Check out this informative HR white paper now to learn more.

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