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It appears that every day there is another state announcing a new law regarding pay disclosure or re...

Posted by Thomas Carnahan, Ph.D on August 7 2023
Thomas Carnahan, Ph.D
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It appears that every day there is another state announcing a new law regarding pay disclosure or reporting. Though California and Colorado blazed the way with their pay equity laws, more states have joined in, creating a confusing web of regulations for employers.

Pay transparency regulations are designed to “even” the playing field between employers and employees with regards to the amount of data employers have with salary surveys and market analyses to the limited amount of data available to employees related to the worth of their job and skills in an open market.

Companies need to be prepared for these laws by ensuring that they have done their due diligence to be competitive in the market for highly qualified talent. Job Evaluation, updating market analysis data, and ensuring internal equity are just the beginning of a well thought through compensation philosophy that will ensure competitiveness as well as compliance.

Join Berenzweig Leonard and Berkshire for a free webinar on August 24th as we walk you through the tangle of regulations and give you recommendations for staying compliant with these ever-changing rules and guidelines.

Elizabeth Payne-Maddalena, Senior Associate Attorney at Berenzweig Leonard, will take attendees through the newest additions to state salary disclosure laws, including disclosure requirements in job postings, limits on requesting salary history, and underlying policies driving these laws. Together with Dr. Thomas Carnahan, Manager of Compensation Services at Berkshire, she will discuss what kinds of pressures these regulations put on individual employers, and some recommendations about what HR professionals like you can do to protect your company from pay-related risks.

Thomas Carnahan, Ph.D
Thomas Carnahan, Ph.D
Thomas Carnahan is Berkshire's Compensation Services Manager. He has a Ph.D in I/O Psychology from Capella University.

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