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Research suggests active candidates make fantastic hires because it’s less expensive to recruit them, they bring more passion to their roles, and they’re more motivated to succeed on the job. So how can you adjust your recruiting strategy to attract more of them?

Matt Burney, Indeed Employer Insights Strategist, says the first step to attract more high-quality active candidates is learning to sequence your recruiting tactics, which can be broken down into three strategic phases.

1. First optimize your channels to fully leverage free inbound traffic

Start by focusing your efforts on the inbound candidates who are applying to your jobs as a result of visiting your company career site or finding your jobs through organic search results on sites like Indeed. These job seekers are a free, active talent pool. Make the most of this resource by filling as many open positions as you can with these candidates.

2. Invest in paid inbound traffic to attract more applicants

If, for certain jobs, you need more applicants, turn to paid inbound channels like Sponsored Jobs. By investing in recruitment advertising, you can place your jobs in front of more job seekers to drive more applications and fill your positions faster. With Sponsored Jobs on Indeed, you can set and fine-tune your budget, and instead of paying for impressions, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your job.

3. Resort to outbound tactics for hard-to-fill or chronically unfilled roles

Finally, many businesses have a fraction of roles—typically 10–20%—that are characteristically hard to fill or tend to remain chronically unfilled. For roles where traditional pipelines of free and paid inbound candidates have proved insufficient, use outbound recruiting tactics to engage qualified candidates. This is the time to start calling referrals, reaching out on professional networking sites, or contacting candidates through a résumé database.

By focusing first on the vast pool of inbound talent and using outbound tactics surgically for hard-to-fill roles, you can maximize your recruiting budget and bring more active, passionate hires into your organization.

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