VIEW RECORDING: Learn About the Newest OFCCP Directives and How They May Affect Your Organization

Posted by January Mallory on September 25 2018

New OFCCP Directives Webinar

Duration: 60 minutes
Cost:  Free
Recorded: October 2018
Presenter: Lynn Clements, Berkshire’s Director of Regulatory Affairs & Sonia Chapin, Managing Consultant for Berkshire

Over the last two months the OFCCP has announced a series of new directives impacting the way in which federal contractors interact with the agency. From a new directive about how the agency will examine compensation discrimination to another announcing focused compliance reviews to new directives geared towards maximizing the success of compliance assistance outreach for federal contractors, a lot has happened at the OFCCP since Acting Director Craig Leen took over in August 2018.

View a timely webinar entitled “Not Another OFCCP Directive: What? Now What?Berkshire’s Director of Regulatory Affairs, Lynn Clements, and Sonia Chapin, a Managing Consultant at Berkshire, examine the nuts and bolts of each directive and their significance—on October 17 at 1 pm. Attendees of this webinar will gain insight into how these directives may impact their organization. Lynn and Sonia also share steps on how to prepare for any changes announced by the new directives.

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