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Women’s Soccer Pay Discrimination Update: Top Players File Suit

Posted by Stephanie Meyers, Associate HR Consultant on March 21 2019

All 28 members of the women’s national soccer team have filed a complaint against the USSF (United States Soccer Federation) due to the federation’s refusal to alter their pay practice. The suit was filed on International Women’s Day and was a follow-up to the action filed by Hope Solo last summer. For more information on that lawsuit, please refer to our previous blog here.

2018 HIRE Vets Medallion Program Demonstration Award Recipients Released

Posted by Stephanie Meyers, Associate HR Consultant on December 21 2018

The recipients of the 2018 Program Demonstration Awards have been released. The HIRE Vets Act, which was signed by President Trump in 2017, recognizes employers who recruit, employ and retain veterans. There are awards for small, medium, and large corporations that consist of two tiers: gold and platinum. The criteria for recognition consists of the percentage of new hire veterans, percentage of veterans retained, and total number of veterans employed. Leadership opportunities, training, and tuition assistance for veterans are also considered when recognizing the employers. Notable large companies recognized in 2018 are Southwest Airlines, Northrup Grumman, and Leidos. For a full list of the award recipients as well as the full criteria and application process for the 2019 awards please visit

Uber Reaches $10 Million Settlement on Race and Gender Pay Suit

Posted by Stephanie Meyers, Associate HR Consultant on April 23 2018

Uber Technologies Inc. recently agreed to a preliminary settlement of class claims alleging the ride-sharing giant discriminated against female and minority engineers. Employees who filed the suit claimed that Uber violated the California Equal Pay Act and Private Attorneys General Act, stating that female and employees of color were valued less than male, white, or Asian American peers. The employees claim this resulted in lower performance ratings despite equal or better performance and lower pay.

Best Practices to Help You Prepare Data for 2018 AAPs

Posted by Stephanie Meyers, Associate HR Consultant on January 9 2018

Now that 2017 is behind us, it’s time to start gathering data for 2018 Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs). While any date can be used for an AAP, most of Berkshire’s clients have a January 1 plan date. Here are a few tips to make the data gathering process go smoothly in this new year!

EEOC Announces Lawsuit Against Estée Lauder

Posted by Stephanie Meyers, Associate HR Consultant on September 13 2017

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) recently announced a lawsuit against leading cosmetic company Estée Lauder for sex discrimination.

Affirmative Action Plan Best Practices: Applicant Disposition Codes

Posted by Stephanie Meyers, Associate HR Consultant on August 9 2017

Applicant Disposition codes are one factor that can potentially “make or break” Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) data. As a best practice, we recommend having detailed disposition codes that include two pieces of information for each candidate—the step and status.

Making Your Data List & Checking it Twice! Best Practices to Prepare Your Data for 2017

Posted by Stephanie Meyers, Associate HR Consultant on December 12 2016

The end of the year is quickly approaching and before you know it the time will come to start gathering data for 2017 Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs). Here are a few data tips to make your transition into 2017 go smoothly.