Do Your Job Postings Reach Your Target Demographic?

If your job listings aren’t bringing in the right applicants, you should consider a few key question...

Posted by Berkshire on September 30 2015
applicant tracking system
If your job listings aren’t bringing in the right applicants, you should consider a few key questions.

Crafting a perfect job postings web page is easier said than done. You need to make sure each job description fits the role but also appeals to potential candidates, promote your company culture but also be open to other personalities and backgrounds, and have a specific group in mind without alienating other suitors. It sounds like a lot to balance, but with the right approach and an effective applicant tracking tool at your disposal, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. If your ads aren’t bringing the applicants you need, ask yourself these questions:

What kind of applicants are responding?
If you aren’t getting a single candidate, you might need to re-examine the ways you draw traffic to your webpage. But if the candidates you are getting just aren’t the right people for the job, you should probably tweak your posting. Consider including a qualifier: “Only open to those with two or more years of experience in a related field.” An applicant tracking system can weed out candidates who don’t meet certain initial guidelines.

applicant tracking systemWhy aren’t your job advertisements attracting the right applicant?

Where are you advertising?
Don’t just assume a LinkedIn or Facebook presence will grant your careers page the views it deserves—not every demographic shares equal representation on specific social media platforms. For example, Facebook is the most popular platform among adults, but even then only 58 percent of adults use the website, according to a 2014 Pew Research Center study. Other media like LinkedIn (23 percent) and Twitter (19 percent) had even lower usage rates. Within those numbers, different demographics showed different preferences. You’ll want an equal presence across all social media, but you’ll also want to focus on other channels like job boards.

How simple is your application process?
The case could be your online application system is slow, complicated, and frustrating—factors that would turn off potential candidates before they reach the end. But there is an easy solution: Invest in hiring management software to optimize your processes. The right program can also help you learn about which candidates are applying, how many make it through to interviews, and other valuable metrics.

There are numerous facets that influence which applicants find and express interest in your job openings. As a result, you should make it as easy on yourself—and your applicants—as possible. Using an applicant tracking system can be just the tool you need.

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