Five Aspects of the Best Job Postings

The best organizations rely on several strategies to craft the best possible job posting. A company’...

Posted by Berkshire on October 12 2015
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The best organizations rely on several strategies to craft the best possible job posting.

A company’s best path to progress is to hire great people and let them succeed within the organization. However, to attract a big fish, you need a big, compelling lure—the best candidates will pass over poorly-presented job postings. There are tried-and-true methods for producing high-quality job descriptions the best companies use to land talented new hires. Any organization can adopt these techniques to compete with the top job destinations within their industry.

1. Optimize your listing
Your best new hire won’t know about your opening if you don’t make it visible on all the right channels. Search engine optimization is the name of the game—job seekers commonly use online tools and social media platforms to locate employers. JobScience recommended finding and using the top keywords along with their synonyms to improve your visibility.

2. Leverage software to direct your attention
A robust applicant tracking system will allow you to automatically post your listings to targeted job groups and social media platforms. It will also capture data on how well the listings are performing. If you aren’t receiving the right candidates, it’s impossible to know what you need to improve upon without a tool to analyze all aspects of your recruiting process. It could be inadequate visibility, or there could be a problem with the content of the job posting itself.

applicant tracking systemHow do the best job ads move candidates to apply?

“You don’t want your listing to be a boring list of traits.”

3. Make it informative and actionable, but enticing
No one should walk away from your job description with the wrong understanding of the position, let alone any uncertainty as to what the organization does. Get to the point, describe what you need out of a candidate, what traits the best applicants should possess, and how to apply. However, you don’t want your listing to be a boring list of traits—be sure to present how new hires can grow and make their mark on the organization.

“It’s as if you were on a date and immediately started listing the qualifications you require,” recruitment advertising account executive Jeff Perry told Hcareers. “That wouldn’t be good.”

ENTER YOUR EMAIL Get  HR Tips Delivered to Your Inbox 4. Promote your brand
Your company’s identity is tied to its brand—the two are different sides of the same coin. By pushing your brand through your job listings, you will naturally attract the candidates with whom that brand resonates. As a result, the applicants who respond will be in tune with your company’s identity and in sync with your attitude, goals, and methods from a personality standpoint.

5. Consider multiple formats
People learn and receive information in different ways—one style might be great for one candidate but ineffective for another. Vary your approach by crafting different types of ads. A text-heavy list will work for some while a visual infographic will be best for others. Videos can be an excellent way to showcase your workplace and personality—just make sure you’re aware of the best practices surrounding recruitment videos.

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