Three Technologies That Can Reboot Your HR Department

Posted by Mary Madden on February 2 2016

So many articles nowadays are geared toward helping you perfect your role, but there aren’t many that consider the technology you work with daily. The tools you use will ultimately dictate the success you have with candidates. The digital age has made it much easier for HR departments to stay in touch with potential hires, and take a lot of stress off some recruiter’s shoulders. Consider implementing these pieces of technology in your recruitment process.

Successful Video Interviews Begin With Preparation

Posted by Mary Madden on January 25 2016

Video is becoming incredibly popular in the interview process and for good reason. Large companies that need to fly top talent to their headquarters for interviews have come to the realization that ticket expenses quickly add up and can be an inefficient way of interviewing candidates. Popular programs like Skype have burst onto the HR scene as an effective way of interviewing clients who aren’t close to the job siteand even those who are.

How to Use Video Effectively in Your Recruitment Process

Posted by Berkshire Associates on July 13 2015

The first step to bringing your job postings from boring to beautiful is by leveraging a well-done video.

Most people know what makes a boring website, even if they don’t realize it. Which sounds more appealing: A solid background with a box of text and a few bullet points, or an interactive page with images, graphics, videos, along with digestible chunks of writing? It’s no contest—the latter is far more effective. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t take the time to make that connection with their job postings. Even when featuring a listing on another page or social media, it should still link back to an engaging, energetic web page.

The first step to bringing your job postings from boring to beautiful is by leveraging a well-done recruitment video. If you’re hesitant because you aren’t Steven Spielberg, don’t be—a video doesn’t have to be a work of art, it just has to be honest and optimized. Here are three things to remember when you plan for video use in your recruitment process:

How to Use Video to Optimize Your Job Postings

Posted by Lauren Collinson, Senior Communications Specialist on May 29 2015

By using a video on your job listings webpage, you can attract more candidates to your postings.

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s the case, a video must be worth even more—which is why you should incorporate videos into your career page. If you think a short video is redundant or unnecessary, think again. Any good web developer will tell you how important videos can be for not only driving traffic to a website, but keeping viewers on the page. Plus, a video is a chance for you to showcase your culture, and employees while using your employer brand to sell your organization during the recruitment process.

Five Ways to Optimize Your Job Posting to Get Noticed

Posted by Lauren Collinson, Senior Communications Specialist on April 29 2015

In many job markets, competition is fierce—on both sides. Now that the economy has improved dramatically since the recession of 2007, qualified candidates can be somewhat more discerning about the jobs for which they inquire. That means recruiters and HR departments have their work cut out for them to beat out other companies for the top talent. The best way to do so? Make your job posting as noticeable, searchable, and attractive as possible.

Five Ways to Make Your Recruitment Efforts More Fun

Posted by Coriana Spencer, HR Industry Writer and Blogger on April 20 2015

According to a 2014 CareerBuilder survey, 23% of employees ages 18-34 expect to have a new job by the end of 2015, and 30% of employees are regularly searching for jobs. These statistics are great for employers looking to fill job positions, but it also pressures companies to make their organization a stand out to job seekers. Typically when we think of the recruitment process, we do not think of something fun and exciting, but that can change! Gain a competitive advantage while showcasing an attractive and innovative company culture and employer brand with fun and unique recruitment efforts. Here are five ways to make your recruitment efforts more fun:

Ease Your Recruitment Process with Strategic Recruitment

Posted by Coriana Spencer, HR Industry Writer and Blogger on February 5 2015

This article is part of a series teaching you how to Get the Hire You Desire.

The ability to attract and retain top talent is an on-going task of the HR Professional. Social media networks, career pages, and marketing/promotional content are venues from which your employer brand and job openings should be shared, but with the potential of hundreds of visitors to each it is easy to become inundated with potential candidates. Numerous applications sound great until you quickly realize the majority of those candidates are unqualified. It’s also possible for those venues to be utilized in what you believe is the proper way, and still lack a response or interest from your target audience. To improve the recruitment process and to increase candidate interest in your company, set in place a strategic recruitment process to get the hire you desire!

The Top HR Trends for 2015

Posted by Coriana Spencer, HR Industry Writer and Blogger on January 22 2015

With the start of a new year, it is important to not only continue proven methods of success, but to take a look at new trends in HR and determine how to properly implement them throughout the year. Below are some of the top HR trends for 2015:

Recruitment Tip: Take Your Recruitment Process to the Next Level with Video

Posted by Lauren Morency, HR Consultant on October 21 2014

If you’re looking to make your company stand out and take your job postings to the next level, consider adding videos to your recruitment process. According to HireRabbit, job postings with video icons are viewed 12% more than job postings without video and have a 34% greater application rate. Whether you attach a video to each of your job postings, or just add a few to your company career page, videos are a great way to grab job seekers’ attention and share more about your company than you can in writing.