The Debate over Philadelphia’s Salary History Law Continues

On September 15, in Philadelphia, PA, a group known as The Women’s Law Project, along with a host of...

Are You Allowed to Ask Applicants for Salary History?

August 14 2017 By Michiko Lynch, HR Consultant

In an effort to address pay inequalities, several states and localities have taken recent step...

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EEOC Wraps up Fiscal Year 2016: How did They do?

December 7 2016 By Michiko Lynch, HR Consultant

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released its 2016 Fiscal Year (FY) Performa...

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Government’s New Online Complaint Filing Tool & What it Means for You

December 5 2016 By Michiko Lynch, HR Consultant

The White House recently rolled out a new online tool ( that allows employees t...

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