Six Ways Outsourcing Improves Affirmative Action Planning

Many organizations lack the internal resources to effectively develop, implement, and measure affirm...

Posted by Scott Jones on September 25 2023
Scott Jones

Many organizations lack the internal resources to effectively develop, implement, and measure affirmative action programs. Outsourcing can overcome these limitations. What should you consider when deciding whether to outsource and how can outsourcing improve affirmative action planning?


What to Consider When Deciding to Outsource

Developing, interpreting, and monitoring affirmative action plans is a complex and time-consuming process that requires specialized expertise to comply with ever-changing laws and regulations. As a result, organizations should consider the following factors when deciding whether to outsource:


Expertise: Organizations should determine if they have staff with the required specialized knowledge and skills needed for effective affirmative action planning.

Resources: Organizations should consider the complexity and scale of producing affirmative action plans, the timeline for plan development and reporting, and whether they have sufficient resources to meet these demands.     

Efficiencies: Organizations should conduct a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether outsourcing is cost-effective compared to undertaking the process internally. This analysis should factor in the costs of training, software, and time for internal staff.

Risk: Organizations should consider the complexity of the regulatory environment, how frequently and extensively affirmative action regulations change, and the potential risks of non-compliance which can result in legal consequences and the loss of government contracts.        

Support: Organizations should determine whether a one-time service or long-term partnership is desired and consider what support may be needed in the event of an audit.

Six Ways Outsourcing Improves Affirmative Action Planning

Outsourcing the affirmative action planning process to a trusted partner can provide a cost-effective and efficient solution by providing:

  1. Expertise
    Consultants can bring specialized expertise in affirmative action regulations, best practices, and strategies, ensuring an organization’s affirmative action planning is well-informed and compliant with relevant laws and regulations, which can reduce the risk of non-compliance and potential legal challenges.
  2. Efficiency and Effectiveness
    Consultants can save an organization time and resources by leveraging software, resource networks, tools, benchmarking data, experience, expertise, and established methodologies to streamline the affirmative action planning process and enhance its quality and effectiveness.
  3. Training and Education
    Consultants can provide cost-effective training and education to an organization’s staff at various levels. This can result in a better understanding and application of affirmative action principles and practices.
  4. Objective Perspective
    Consultants can provide an unbiased viewpoint, helping to identify and address potential blind spots or challenges that may otherwise be overlooked.
  5. Customized Solutions and Measurable Results
    Consultants can analyze and interpret an organization’s data and unique needs to create affirmative action planning with clear metrics and tracking mechanisms to monitor progress and impact.
  6. Long-Term Support
    Consultants can offer ongoing support, including audit support, ensuring that an organization remains compliant with changing regulations and continues to grow its affirmative action program over time.

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Scott Jones
Scott Jones
With 7 years of experience in affirmative action and dozens of years of experience working in Higher Education, Scott works with clients of all sizes to support them in meeting their affirmative action requirements and avoiding the risks of non-compliance.

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