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Workforce Analytics

Workforce analytics is an integral component of successful short- and long-term strategic planning. Whether your organization is growing, downsizing, or striving to be more effective, we can take a look at the current state of your workforce, and help you assess the best course of action. Using data already needed for affirmative action planning, Berkshire consultants analyze potential adverse impact, as well as, assist in developing and examining diversity metrics. Clients also receive the tools needed for ongoing monitoring and management of your efforts. Take advantage of Berkshire’s workforce analytics expertise, and the result will be a workforce prepared for current and future events.

Adverse Impact Analyses

In addition to outsourcing your affirmative action plan, companies can choose to add further adverse impact analyses to their services.


Berkshire can conveniently conduct adverse impact analysis on personnel activities including: pay increases, bonus distributions, performance ratings, promotions, terminations, and applicant flow. Our consultants prepare reports detailing results of statistical analyses and provide expert advice on how to ensure personnel decisions are not inadvertently resulting in patterns of discrimination.

adverse impact analysisBerkshire recommends human resources proactively and periodically conduct adverse impact analyses. As it is best to be aware of problems before bigger issues arise. More importantly, a plan of action can be developed to remedy issues...ensuring your company is safeguarded against harmful personnel decisons, lawsuits, claims, and hefty payouts.

Whether you’re an outsourcing client, or not, Berkshire can perform Adverse Impact Analyses that goes beyond the AAP plan structure. Contact us at 800.882.8904 or for more information on adverse impact analyses. 

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Diversity Metrics

Using the most signifcant factors when measuring diversity gives you a crystal clear look at the state of your employee population. 


diversity metricsBerkshire’s consultants are experts at developing metrics that take the guesswork out of measuring the effectiveness of your diversity initiatives. Our consultants conduct statistical analyses of your current employee population and personnel activity to identify areas of underrepresentation of minorities and women as compared to internal and external labor force availability data. In addition to corporate-wide analyses, reports can be provided by department, business unit, region, or other cross sections of the employee population for results tailored to key stakeholders in the company. Contact us at 800.882.8904 or for more information on diversity metrics. 

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